High Dive Bar and Grill 

Discount Nutrition Superstore Camelback  

Provision Coffee Bar, Arcadia   

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High Dive Bar and Grill 

Discount Nutrition Superstore Camelback  

Provision Coffee Bar, Arcadia   

Sweet Dee’s Bakeshop


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Nick Addante and Luigi Paroli’s days begin early, at 6 a.m. in fact. Their first task is to get the display case ready for the day. Next, they have to grind and cut up all the fresh meat in house, along with making their own sausage. They keep cases well- stocked, help customers with their o…


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Piece & Story

When someone loves what they do, it shows. Jessica Rose Boutwell may not have set out to run a thriving bakery business with her mom, but it is clear this is what she is supposed to be doing.

Brian Serbin came from a family of physicians. He was always interested in medicine and for a while considered following in his father’s footsteps as a doctor. But his strong passion for animals led him to find a way to combine his two interests into a rewarding and successful career.  

On a cool Saturday morning in November, the AZ Children’s Business Fair made its debut in the Arcadia neighborhood, giving local kids the chance to turn their creative ideas into a reality. Over fifty local children brought their imaginative business ideas to life at the Arcadia Neighborhood…

Brian Richard Jacobson, a local businessman and friend of the Arcadia News, passed away on Saturday October 15, 2016, at the age of 59. Brian was born in Cooperstown, New York, but moved to the Phoenix area in 1991. 

Movement Restoration is a massage therapy concept run by female entrepreneurial duo Trisha Haws and Brynn Martin. The company focuses on restoring natural movement back to the body through individualized massage treatments. Located near Arcadia, Movement Restoration caters to people with res…

In 2013, Arcadia resident Laura Kiel was living in Chicago, climbing the corporate ladder and making the best of her day-to-day tasks. She wasn’t unhappy, but she wasn’t entirely satisfied. When she was suddenly presented with a major career change, which would move her to the west coast, Ki…

You may have noticed one of the newest additions to Old Town Scottsdale: Pedego Electric Bikes on Fifth Avenue. But have you had the chance to meet its owners Bill and Kathy Puryear? Since opening the store in February, the Scottsdale couple has welcomed customers from around the country, as…

Last summer when I noticed a sign for a new ice cream shop coming soon to Old Town Scottsdale, I felt a rush of excitement overcome my body. I’m a sweets fanatic, with soft serve ice cream, chocolate-vanilla swirl, and chocolate-dipped cones being some of my all-time faves.

Nestled in a cozy spot in the shops of downtown Scottsdale is a gem by the name of Super Chunk Sweets and Treats. The owners, Country and Sergio Velador, pride themselves on creating homemade decadent treats for their customers to enjoy, but it didn’t start out that way.

If you’re looking for Beth Goldwater, owner of Bertha’s Café in Arcadia, chances are you’ll find her in the kitchen cooking up a batch of cupcakes. Currently, she’s working on carrot cake cupcakes for a guest. You can see the passion in her eyes as she mixes the batter and adds the eggs, a d…