You may have noticed one of the newest additions to Old Town Scottsdale: Pedego Electric Bikes on Fifth Avenue. But have you had the chance to meet its owners Bill and Kathy Puryear? Since opening the store in February, the Scottsdale couple has welcomed customers from around the country, as well as a few international visitors, to try out their bikes and tour the town. For Bill and Kathy, designing and opening their store has been exactly the new adventure they hoped for a year ago.

Their idea to open their own store began last summer, when Kathy retired after 30 years as an elementary school teacher. The couple traveled to California on a surprise trip Bill planned for their 30th anniversary. While there, they visited friends on the Central Coast and rode Pedego bikes on the beach. Since they had so much fun riding the bikes, they decided to start researching other locations where the bikes were available and eventually stumbled upon one in Coronado. They soon realized, though, that there were no Pedego stores or anything like them near where they lived in Scottsdale, and thought this might be the perfect opportunity to get involved in their local business community.

Although Bill has worked as the manager of a law firm, a contractor and a real estate broker, neither he nor Kathy had ever opened their own store. Nevertheless, the couple confidently reached out to Pedego, drew up a business plan, and began a licensed dealership relationship, which allows them to sell the bikes out of their own store. After preparing and filling the store with Pedego bikes, they were ready for business. Bill and Kathy sold their first bike, a tandem, in February, on Super Bowl Sunday.

“I took a lot of pride in the mechanics of laying out the space, getting it painted and fixed up, and turning a raw space into what was going to be a future Pedego show room,” said Bill.

After opening the store, Bill and Kathy were somewhat nervous since neither of them had any previous experience selling bikes. They also faced the challenge of making people aware of their location, and getting them into the store to see their product. Yet, since opening their doors, Billy and Kathy have loved assisting and having conversations with each new customer the business brings.

“It’s just hysterically fun to watch people get on the bikes and turn the motor on and then hear all their laughter and giggles. It’s intriguing, because we’re selling fun,” said Kathy.

Bill and Kathy love the location of their store as well, which has a parking lot directly across the street where they can teach customers how to use the bikes safely. They also love being in Old Town, just a few minutes from their house and are both incredibly invested in the community and its businesses. The couple says the store has become a source of pride for them and a way of meeting wonderful people from around the world.

“It’s not something I would have ever thought of or considered doing a year ago. For me, being retired, this is such a great adventure,” said Kathy