Fiesta Bowl’s nonprofit goals

Arcadian Jenn Jepson is striving to make Arizona a better place to live, work and play by assisting nonprofits through the 2016 Fiesta Bowl Committee.

Jepson attended elementary and middle school in the area, and graduated from Arcadia High School. After spending a year in Washington for college, she came back to Arizona and enrolled in the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

“I’m always drawn back,” said Jepson. “I love the area. I never wanted to leave.”

Jepson said her love for Arcadia stems from the small-town vibe and strong sense of community, which resides within a big city. Jepson gave examples of how area residents want to make their community look and be its best, such as the annual Fourth of July parade and the decorations along Arcadia streets during the holidays.

“People put a lot of effort and energy into making it a phenomenal place to live,” said Jepson.

After spending eight years with Phoenix International Raceway and eventually becoming the senior communications manager, Jepson sought a new challenge.

That challenge became the Fiesta Bowl Committee, where she has been for just over a year. Jepson enjoys the ties the Fiesta Bowl has to the community. Not only does she get to work with the sports side of Phoenix, she’s now also involved with the nonprofits that strive to make a difference within the state of Arizona.

Jepson plans to give just as much effort and energy back to the local community and Arizona through her work for the Fiesta Bowl She hopes the annual timeline she’s put into place - which cycles through community service hours and donations - will have an impact on the community.

This season the committee will grant $1.5 million to Arizona nonprofits. This year alone they partnered with the Fighter Country Partnership, Be Kind People Project, and HopeKids in Arizona.

The Fiesta Bowl Committee contribution of service hours and community service comes from their staff and the Yellow Jackets Committee. The Yellow Jackets Committee has special requirements such as fundraising requirements and service hour requirements. In addition to their committee they have over three thousand volunteers.

“What I love about the power of the Fiesta Bowl is not only do we give back to Arizona nonprofits, but we give the Arizona community a reason to come together,” Jepson said in regards to how the community creates experiences that cause families to come out and have a good time, bringing them closer together.

Jepson said that every time somebody purchases a ticket to the Fiesta Bowl, they’re helping us fund a grant, put school supplies in the hands of children who can’t afford it, or bring dinner to children and their families who didn’t think it was possible to have a holiday dinner this year.