Not Vodka water spreads into larger market

Over the last few years, The Madison Improvement Club has become a staple in Arcadia. Known for its high-energy workouts, the establishment promotes a healthy lifestyle and combines that mentality with a bit of fun and excitement. This is reflected in the extensive sound system and electric light display that accompanies the spin and yoga classes at The Madison. Founder Andrew Varela wanted to apply this same approach to hydration. He created a water bottle that was initially produced in jest and featured a stylish text design. The bottles have the phrase “Not Vodka” printed prominently on the side.

“I wanted something that would make me want to drink water more often,” Varela said. “Something that was a conversation starter. Something people would see and think, ‘That’s funny.’ Before Not Vodka, I didn’t drink enough water. Now I want to and hopefully others that use the bottles do as well.”

The water bottles were first sold at the fitness center and the response was overwhelming. People began posting about Not Vodka on social media and as word spread, even those that didn’t work out at The Madison were seeking the bottles. Given the demand for the product, Varela and his business partner Brett Kaufman saw this as an opportunity to create a separate venture.

“None of the other waters on the market made me want to drink water,” Varela said. “I wanted to create something that’s never been done before. A water bottle that was fun, sexy and different from any other company.”

Not Vodka has several offerings, which include a tube-shaped plastic bottle, a clear glass bottle and a durable stainless steel bottle, each available in several different colors. What’s more, Not Vodka is branding their own line of purified drinking water sourced directly from Sedona.

“Right now we’re just trying to keep up,” said Varela. “We’re getting emails from Australia, Japan, Europe – all over the world. We have a dozen or so retailers carrying our bottles across the US. Soon, our bottled water will be seen at more grab-and-go locations.”

As the company continues to gain momentum, one of their biggest areas they’re focusing on is charity and giving back. There are several types of charities that the company is contributing to through a portion of their sales, which include providing fresh water to people in developing nations and keeping our oceans clean.

“We’re excited to be an Arizona company and hopefully another one to put on the map and contribute to the local startup scene,” Varela said.

For more information about Not Vodka, visit

Get involved and give back

This summer Not Vodka has partnered with the Phoenix Rescue Mission to give water to those in need.

“With temps over

115 degrees, we want everyone to get out there and give,” said Andrew Varela, CEO of Not Vodka.

Not Vodka wants everyone to help, and they are making it easy for anyone that wants to participate:

  • Email to schedule a water pickup at their office. Not Vodka will donate bottled water to you and your friends/business. They want you and your team to hit the streets and give water to those who need it most.
  • Buy bottled water and donate to Phoenix Rescue Mission. Visit to find drop-off locations and more information about their needs.