In 2013, Arcadia resident Laura Kiel was living in Chicago, climbing the corporate ladder and making the best of her day-to-day tasks. She wasn’t unhappy, but she wasn’t entirely satisfied. When she was suddenly presented with a major career change, which would move her to the west coast, Kiel decided the move could be beneficial to her overall life.

With such a big move, Kiel looked for positive reinforcements anywhere she could find them, through books, blogs and daily reminders, to keep her inspired and motivated within the adjustments of her life. 

“Change is hard. Change is scary, so I surrounded myself with positive affirmation signs and books. I really needed something to remind myself that I can do this, as well as remind myself that anything I put my mind to can be done,” said Kiel. “Once I had this positive outlook down, I knew this was something I had to share.”

That’s when the idea of The Change Dispensary came into play. After surrounding herself with positive mantras and thoughts, Kiel wanted to share what she discovered with the world: Simple positive thoughts can alter anyone’s perspective.

The Change Dispensary blog started as a destination for daily inspiration and positive perspective. “We strive to be the source of optimism, encouraging joyful change and demonstrating examples of dreams realized.” And, as Kiel simply states it “we deliver gifts that inspire the soul.”

Kiel’s daily posts included affirmations like the ones that got her through tough changes in her life. Blog topics include being brave enough to fail, the art of choosing happiness and more. 

After the success of the blogs, Kiel was moved to do more. 

Kiel has always been obsessed with giving gifts, and enjoys carefully selecting something that makes the receiver feel special. The desire to create unique gifts that make customers feel special was the inspiration for The Change Dispensary’s “Piggy Boxes.” 

The gift boxes are “Piggy Boxes” because pigs are a known symbol of abundance, prosperity, luck and overall good fortune, all characteristics that Kiel hopes her gifts will promote.

These boxes are filled with positive gifts designed to help anyone get through the best of days or the worst of days. 

“We have boxes that can be customized for break ups, engagements, new jobs, tough times, birthdays…really anything! The boxes are there to remind the receiver that happiness is out there. You give us a little bit of information about the person receiving the gift, and the [occasion or reason], and we go to work creating a one-of-a-kind gift for her,” said Kiel.

In addition to creating boxes for others, customers can also pick out books and gifts to customize their own box. The piggy boxes range from $49-$99, depending on the size of the box. The boxes are comprised of positive affirmation books, advice notebooks, power thought cards and bags, and more.

“My biggest dream for this company is to inspire others to chase their dreams,” said Kiel. “People have to help each other, that’s where the good in the world comes from.” 

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