I have a huge soft spot for the older generations that live among us. There is something about their history, what they’ve experienced in life and their general knowledge that is fascinating to me. So, when the opportunity arose to speak with 90-year-old Arcadia twins John and Bill Haug, I made sure to save the story for myself.

In fact, I yelled out “Yes!” when I read the email from Janelle – Bill’s granddaughter – suggesting we reach out to them.

“I wanted people to know more about them because they are both so incredibly humble that they would never pursue anything like this on their own,” Janelle told me. “They’ve both led incredible lives and we are so lucky as a family to have them leading our family. It’s not often you get to celebrate a 90th birthday, and we got to celebrate two!”

You know that feeling you get when listening to your grandparents talk about days past? The nostalgia and longing to experience these memories for yourself is almost overwhelming. What life must have been like in 1931! No computers or cell phones, no color television. Life was carefree.

Each gentleman had his own unique experiences while in their prospective careers (you’ll notice a pretty famous movie mentioned in the story), but they both have fond memories of running around empty streets that these days are packed with cars, people and the rush of city life. It was an absolute pleasure to hear their story.

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