Over the weekend, I happened to be out holiday shopping, as many are wont to do as soon as Halloween ends. And I noticed that although we are required to wear masks, keep safe distances and continuously wash our hands, people were HAPPY. For a small moment, they weren’t focused on all the “bad,” and the only craziness I saw was a couple of ladies arguing over a Christmas wreath at Hobby Lobby.

This month, we are continuing to focus on all of the “happy” things in our neighborhood and around the Valley. Holiday events are happening all over Arizona, with safety precautions, of course – and one thing’s for sure: There will be no “missing out on twinkle lights.”

We’ve highlighted a couple of Valley staples, one of which is right in our neighborhood. The Rebel Lounge, once known as The Mason Jar and home to some of the first music shows of a few well-known artists (Green Day, Nirvana and Jane’s Addiction, to name a few), has opened a new venture called Reap & Sow Coffee Bar. The décor inside Rebel was updated, and the coffee shop will offer coffee, pastries, burritos and signature cocktails as the bar area opens later in the day.

We all know how beautiful Arizona sunsets can be. But did you know that Arizona also has seven International Dark Sky communities and 10 International Dark Sky parks? Our sky is gorgeous, even when it’s dark out! Read all about it in our story on page 18.

I know what we’re all thinking – 2020 has been a whirlwind, and the hope for 2021 is that we can grow from everything that’s happened, as a nation, state and community. We at Arcadia News are so thankful to our readers for your continued support, and we can’t wait to see what the new year brings. Thank you, as always, for reading Arcadia News.

– Mallory Gleich