February is a big month. We’ve got Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day and even some fun “holidays” like National Pizza Day on the 9th and International Polar Bear Day on the 28th.

It’s also Black History Month, American Heart Month and Arizona’s birthday.

Did you know that Lake Havasu City owns the original London Bridge that was built in the 1830s? Robert P. McCulloch, Sr., the founder of Lake Havasu City, bought all 10,000 tons of it in 1968 for $2.46 million, and had it taken apart, block by block, and reassembled in 1971. Or, that Arizona has recorded more species of hummingbirds than any other state? You can learn more on page 32, where Arizona historian Marshall Trimble shares some fun and lesser-known facts about the Grand Canyon State.

This issue also pays tribute to Councilman Calvin Coolidge Goode, who spent 22 years as a representative on the Phoenix City Council. He was the second African American to have been elected to the council at the time, and during his tenure he advocated for civil rights, small businesses and more. Goode passed away in December and will be remembered for his passion for the people in his community. His story is on page 10.

We also have stories about campaigns for the less fortunate and for those suffering from mental health challenges due to the ongoing pandemic. Some of our neighborhood kids are doing amazing things to help the community and keep us Arcadia Strong.

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– Mallory Gleich