Is it just me, or does 2021 almost feel like a dice game? We’re all collectively holding the die in our hands, whispering, “Come on, give us a good one, give us a good one.” With 2020 (or what I like to call “the train wreck”) finally in the past, we can focus our energy on rebuilding what was lost and rejoicing over what we have.

With all the ups and downs we dealt with last year, one thing remains true: the love and community that Arcadia continues to offer. January’s edition is chock full of “love,” from the grow boxes at Echo Canyon (page 16) to the well wishes of retirement from coaching for Arcadia High’s swim and dive coach, Erica McClurg. 

McClurg built successful teams out of the students – even winning the Arizona Interscholastic Association’s Swim Team of the Century award back in 2000. She plans to continue teaching at Arcadia High and hopefully hone her gardening skills in her newfound free time.

Veritas also shared one of their recent fundraising efforts that had quite the interesting end game – the teacher who won got the opportunity to kiss…wait for it…a pig!

Dr. Daniel Atwood was the winner and told us that before leaning in for a smooch, Abraham the pig squealed loudly; something a lot of us are probably not used to. 

We’re also unveiling a fun throwback feature; check out page 11 to see what our cover looked like back in 2011. You might even recognize some of the kids. 

Here’s to you, Arcadia; we wish you the very best in the new year and thank you for reading Arcadia News. 

– Mallory Gleich