As I sit in my office, admiring the sun shining through my window and wading through copious emails, I can’t help but feel grateful. Grateful to be part of Arcadia’s community newspaper, that I have emails to go through. In March of 2020, we started to see the nation change. I was scared. But now, I feel hopeful.

Usually, the theme for March’s edition is “spring.” But I think this year, our theme for March should be “hope.” Hope for what’s to come, as vaccines roll out and our community continues to grow and flourish.

This month, we are featuring a familiar name: Charlie Keating IV. Keating was a U.S. Navy SEAL who was killed while serving in Iraq. But before that, he was an Arcadia resident. I was able to talk to his mother, Krista, after she released her latest book, Charlie, Don’t Be a Hero. Charlie accomplished so many things in his life, and the pride that Krista feels was evident with every word she spoke.

Krista sent me a copy, and within the first 50 pages, I almost cried…more than once. It details Charlie’s time overseas and his life growing up in Arcadia. Charlie attended Hopi and Arcadia High. He had a successful athletic career running track and as Krista said with a laugh, “He got into – and out of – trouble.” Although parts of the book are met with a heavy heart, there are good memories, too.

Stories like the ones in this month’s pages are those that give us hope here at Arcadia News, and we “hope” they will make you feel the same. As always, if you have story ideas or briefs, please send them to Thank you for reading Arcadia News!

– Mallory Gleich