Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms out there!

This month’s cover story focuses on the USRowing Olympic Trials that happened earlier this year. Two Valley residents, Jasper Liu and Sophie Heywood, were able to compete in these trials, and I spoke with them about the experience. 

Sophie, whose team finished fourth in the competition, said: “I was grateful just to be there competing after so many months of training in isolation without the guarantee of a race.” 

Jasper’s team was able to secure a spot in the next trial this month in Lucerne, Switzerland. He’s currently training there with his rowing partner and hopes that a win will secure them a place at the Tokyo Olympics in July. 

This month’s edition also showcases our local students as they wrap up their last month of school. One St. Thomas student revived a school tradition by holding a t-shirt design contest. Hopi and Tavan held spirit days where kids dressed up as their favorite characters or decade. Even though the 2021 school year is almost complete, there is no shortage of school pride.

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To the moms, we say “we love you;” to the students, we say “happy almost-summer break;” and to our readers and advertisers, we say “thank you!”

— Mallory