Veterans Day means a lot in Arcadia. Our community is home to both active and former members from every branch of the military, and the rest of us neighbors know how much we have to be grateful for because of their service. 

Arizona has a fascinating history when it comes to the military, with centuries of services in almost every American conflict you can think of. If you’re looking to explore these stories, you need to start with the AZ Military Museum at Papago Military Base (page 44). From the Spanish Conquistadors through the Vietnam War, the museum’s artifacts make the stories of our military past come alive.  

Did you know that Papago Park used to be the site of a Prisoner of War camp during World War II? We have a detailed map of what the camp looked like in the early 40s, along with a story of an escape that is straight out of Hollywood (page 46). We also have a list of local events if you are looking for a way to pay your respects this Veterans Day (page 28). 

Fall is a busy time in the sports world, and we’ve got a wide variety of teams and athletes highlighted in our sports section this month. The Arcadia High football team wraps up their regular season, while the swim and volleyball teams take a look back on their successes over the last few months (Page 58). We’ve also got a look at what Titans baseball coach Troy Gerlach did on a national stage this summer (Page 56). 

I encourage you to reach out to me with any story ideas, suggestions or feedback. Many neighborhood stories are made possible by readers contacting us. We hope you enjoy the November 2018 edition — and thank you for reading the Arcadia News!

— Nick Smith