Okay, everyone! You have the October edition of Arcadia News in your hands. Take a breath and pat yourself on the back – we’ve made it to month 10! Kids are officially back in school, most restaurants are open, and life is (almost) getting back to normal. Well, as normal as it can be right now.

I decided to branch out and try something new, partially because Oktoberfest events have been canceled this year and because I needed a new and different hobby. I bought myself a “brew your own beer” kit and attempted to make my own hefeweizen (a German wheat beer). I was able to talk to Dave Burkle, O.H.S.O.’s brewmaster, and Four Peaks’ Zach Fowle to get the low-down on beer making – I even got to help Dave out while he was putting together a new batch.

I am happy to report the beer turned out delicious – but I’ll let the experts handle it from here on out. Read about the process on page 28.

Normally, Arcadians would be gearing up for all sorts of events, from the G.A.I.N. picnic, Shemer’s Furry Friends Fine Arts Festival, haunted houses and breast cancer awareness 5Ks. Halloween will be a little different this year, but we’re offering a few ways to keep it safe and fun.

Make sure to tune in to our next Arcadia Podcast, which will be available in the coming weeks and will feature Chef Chris Collins of Collins Small Batch Kitchen, The Macintosh and Wally’s American Gastropub – to name a few.

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Happy Halloween, and as always, thank you for reading Arcadia News.

— Mallory Gleich