Last month, I witnessed the true meaning of the word community when our neighborhood rallied around a young man named Michael Andaloro. Some of you might know that name, some of you might know him personally. What Arcadia did for him and his family is something they will not soon forget. 

Michael’s mom, Lori, noticed that Michael was was having trouble hearing with the aids he had been using for the past decade. She posted an urgent plea on the Arcadia Parents Google group asking for advice on how to raise funds for hearing aids that Michael desperately needed. Another parent suggested starting an online fundraiser with GoFundMe. In less than two days, more than $5,000 was raised so that Michael was able to receive brand-new hearing aids before he went back to college in Texas. 

I spoke with some of the members of the community and the love for this family and for this neighborhood is overwhelming. I might have even shed a few tears after listening to all the good things people had to say about Michael. 

The sheer determination and willingness to help by the residents of Arcadia never ceases to amaze me. We certainly are lucky to have this community and each other!

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— Mallory Gleich