The fall season is upon us, which means one thing for me (and I’m sure others feel the same) – I can start decorating for the upcoming holidays, as there are pumpkins aplenty at a few craft stores already!

We’re excited to unveil this year’s summer vacation photo spread – it looks like Arcadia traveled the world and left no stone unturned – there are some waves, some mountains, even a couple of well-known monuments gracing the pages. Thank you for sending in your vacation photos and sharing your adventures with our readers.

This month, we have a smorgasbord of topics – healthy aging tips (September is Healthy Aging Month), a new face at Ingleside Middle School and, of course, school sports. Arcadia Little League had some fantastic news to share as their 8-9-10 All-Star league won the Arizona State Championship and celebrated by dog-piling on the pitcher’s mound – as players are wont to do when they win the championship!

Football season has started and the cheers of fans can be heard loud and clear – from the high school stadium and living rooms around the neighborhood. We’re sharing a football preview for a few of the local teams, plus some of Miriam’s scrumptious snacks that you can make for those Sunday get-togethers.

We’re also bringing back our Teachers We Love program. If you know of a teacher that deserves recognition, head over to, fill out the nomination form and we’ll surprise that teacher with a certificate and special prizes in the coming months. 

Have a safe and happy Labor Day, and be well! 

— Mallory Gleich