The DeztroyHer

Desiree, aka The DeztroyHer

You are holding in your hands the first issue of the 27th year of your illustrious neighborhood newspaper.

In early 1993, the first 5,000 copies of a new neighborhood newspaper were pulled from the presses and distributed to local households. Even at a modest 16 pages, that first issue was tough to fill. A few paying advertisers along with a lot of white space helped the cause, but there was definitely room for the Arcadia News to grow.

This paper was started by a husband and wife team who lacked newspaper experience but made up for it with enthusiasm. They used an early logo that included a row of orange trees, to pay tribute to Arcadia’s roots. When I took over the paper in 2002, I enhanced that design to a single tree.

I was hired as a freelance writer in 1997, and over the next few years, I thought I held almost every job at this newspaper. In 2001, the owners offered me the option to purchase the paper, which I eagerly accepted. It was then that I learned how many jobs there really are when you own the business.

Today the Arcadia News reaches about 50,000 readers in print and online. This issue is 68 pages and our Arcadia Camp Guide inside adds 16 more. We have a few more advertisers and now white space can be tough to come by.

The community newspaper is alive and well in America, and it should stay that way, providing we remain local, loyal and relevant. We are honored to be a part of this successful industry, and we are grateful to our readers who make this possible.

Thank you for reading the Arcadia News!

 — Greg A. Bruns, Publisher