R-22, also known as Freon, has been the air-conditioning industry standard refrigerant for four decades, but this year, all of that is changing. As of January 1, 2020, the production, import and use of R-22, except for continuing servicing needs of existing equipment, has been banned.

There are many ways to communicate nowadays, from email to texting to messaging on social media platforms and in the workplace those communication preferences can vary by generation. Most workplaces have many different generations working together. 

Ever wonder who helped establish the Arcadia neighborhood and the iconic citrus groves it is known for?

Why do people collect movie memorabilia and what is it, exactly? Well, if it’s an item associated with a popular movie, it could be considered a collectible.

An undeniable passion for running has given Arcadia resident Jonathan Negretti the opportunity of a lifetime: competing in the World Marathon Challenge, where he will run seven marathons on seven continents in seven days.

There’s more to February than candy hearts and romance. Wedged between the new year and the start of spring, February’s festive days can get lost between fireworks, love letters and shamrocks. 2020 might be the year that these holidays get some recognition. 

In early November, the Phoenix Art Museum opened their Legends of Speed exhibit, showcasing some of the greatest and most iconic cars in the history of racing. The exhibit features 22 cars from the most well-known companies and makers in the business, dating all the way back to the 1920s.

I’ve never uttered the words, “Don’t dare talk to me until I have my morning cup of coffee,” but as soon as I wake up, I stumble to the kitchen to turn on the coffee machine. After I drop my daughter off at school, I wrestle with whether to go to the gym or grab a latte. Guess which one norm…

Robotics company VEX runs tournaments around the country with the goal of increasing access to STEM learning for middle and high school students. This year’s Arizona VEX State Qualifier was held January 18 at Madison Highland Prep.

With the overwhelming cost of higher education preventing many high school graduates from following their dreams, Eugenia Theodosopoulos, chef and owner of Arcadia’s Essence Bakery and Café, decided to create an apprenticeship program to help combat this problem.

It was only 100 years ago when our bustling neighborhood was mostly barren desert with Camelback Mountain looming in the background. While there was farming in the area south of the Arizona Canal, the uphill acreage between it and the mountain was in need of its own water source. It would ta…

In the worn-down alleyways of Phoenix’s urban core near Roosevelt Row are a handful of on-going street art projects meant to enhance the lifestyle and experience of residents, workers and visitors in downtown Phoenix. Below is a listing of some of Phoenix’s more well-known street art and its…

Chef Nick LaRosa’s Nook Kitchen recently moved from the Gaslight Square to a newly renovated building on Indian School near 40th Street. Arcadia News caught up with the New England-born restauranteur to see what’s cooking in the new year. 

Baseball fans from all over the country will come to Arizona this month to see their favorite teams in this year’s Cactus League spring training games. 

Okay, parents: it’s time to start planning for spring break. You can make this year’s vacation fun and entertaining for your kids while still keeping it local and cost-effective. Here are some ideas to get you started. 

The Spirit of Arcadia Marching Band is on a three-year winning streak. In 2017 and 2018, the band won the Arizona Marching Band Association’s (AzMBA) state championship in the 2A division. This year they did it again, with their performance of Along Came a Spider, composed by Gary Gilroy.

In just two years, Ingleside Middle School has been able to jump from a low “B” grade to an “A” grade as designated by the Arizona Department of Education. Although Ingleside doesn’t have a motto, their ‘students first’ mentality has contributed greatly to their improved grade.

The Phoenix City Council in late November approved a mixed-use development plan to be built on the northwest corner of Camelback and 44th Street. Arcadia residents were initially opposed to the building height proposed by RED Development, the company behind the project, but the developer has…

With little-to-no experience in the restaurant business, Beth Goldwater started her career in the industry by working at a small café in Chicago. Now, more than a decade later, Goldwater will be expanding her career as a restaurant owner with a second eatery on Camelback Road. 

Art One held its first anniversary fundraiser in November to celebrate 26 years in business and to raise money for their newly-named nonprofit, NCBFST (nurture, create, believe, flourish, succeed, and transform) Foundation for Student Artists.

As managers of Echo Canyon School’s gardens, Lou Rodarte and his wife Ann have turned their labor of love into a hands-on curriculum that takes garden produce into the classroom and invites students to taste locally-grown food prepared by some of the best chefs in the Southwest.

Hikers could hike a new trail every day of the month, with more than 60 available in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve. Some trails are rated “extremely difficult” by the City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department, like the climb of the 2,608-foot Piestewa Peak in the Phoenix Mountains Park…

I received a text from a friend who works in IT that said, “I spent some time today figuring out a new video software.” It had a link to a fun, short video he had created.

The Arizona Children’s Business Fair was established by a group of Phoenix entrepreneurs looking to mentor the younger generation. The event provides kids with hands-on entrepreneurial involvement and experience, including serving as boss for a day.

Although I had to use them frequently during my days as a travel writer, airports are not very high on my list of favorite places. But I have learned to tolerate them because…well, if you’re going to fly, you’re going to wait. And, sometimes, wait and wait and wait. I guess it’s all part of …

How often do you come home feeling like you need a vacation after your vacation? It’s usually when you’ve gone some place far away and are trying to pack in so many activities, excursions and cities because you want that long trip worth the miles traveled.

Our client opened a wood and metal, leather-strapped trunk, and neatly wrapped in tissue paper was layer upon layer of crocheted and embroidered handiwork created by her grandmother and three aunts.

Colleen Drury loved life. She exercised, loved to cook, travel and spend time with the people she adored. She also “gave the best hugs,” according to her grandchildren Chloe, Luke, Blake and Caleb. In 2007, Colleen was diagnosed with Stage 3-C ovarian cancer. Six years later, she passed away…

While Americans make mostly health-related pledges every December 31, most don’t stick with them beyond the first half of the new year. In ancient times, resolutions were profound commitments to powerful deities, and there were serious consequences for not following through.

Alison Dunn, an art teacher at Xavier College Prep was recently honored with the 2019 Secondary Division Outstanding Art Educator award during the annual Arizona Art Education Association (AAEA) conference. 

Wellness tourism is a fast-growing industry that was last reported to be worth $639.4 billion annually by the Global Wellness Institute. Arizonans don’t have to go far to experience some of the best of what the industry has to offer.

The Economist named 2019 “The Year of the Vegan,” and although vegans make up a small portion of the American population, their numbers are likely to grow in 2020 and beyond.

Gleaning – the process of removing abundant ripe fruits from citrus trees – has become a familiar event for Arcadia residents. From January until March, many neighborhoods collect their excess oranges, limes, lemons, grapefruits and tangerines and donate them to local food banks. 

It’s been there for more than 40 years. Situated on the corner of 38th Street and Indian School Road, the Chicago Hamburger Company is a beacon of hope for those looking for Chicago-style favorites. While the neighborhood changes around them, owner Bob Pappanduros and his staff remain dedica…

The best way to describe Bill Herndon is as an “American Patriot.”