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For over 30 years, the International Dark Sky Association has been fighting to ensure that starry nights survive. They are not just beautiful to gaze at; they want people to know that starry nights are also crucial to our environment.

Thanksgiving might be over, but the need for food and other items at local food banks is ongoing. Food banks are seeing new faces and experiencing a growing demand for essentials this holiday season due to the economic effects from COVID-19. Here are a few places to donate locally:

In early October, the Arcadia neighborhood mourned after finding out that the long-time owner of AZ Ice Arcadia, Jim Rogers, had passed away. Hockey had been a passion of Rogers’ from childhood, one that grew so much that he was known as the godfather of hockey.

The holidays may look a little different this year, given that some family-favorite traditions such as light parades and trips to the North Pole have been canceled. Before you start feeling like the Grinch stole your holiday, I have some fun and festive ideas that will make your days merry a…

Following City Council approval, all amenities in Phoenix’s city parks have fully reopened. Community members are encouraged to continue to practice these guidelines: wear a mask or face covering, bring your own wipes and hand sanitizer, maintain a distance of six feet and stay home if you a…

Even as we battle the pandemic, the holiday season is in full swing, with businesses and events keeping up with safety precautions so that neighbors and friends can still celebrate. Here are some Valley events to help get you in the spirit.

It’s that exciting time of year when Arcadia’s youngsters get ready to participate in baseball and softball with Arcadia Little League. Registration opened this December, with evaluations starting early next year and games beginning in March.

Rebel Lounge has a long and colorful history in the Valley’s live music scene. Located at the corner of Indian School Road and 23rd St., the award-winning music venue has welcomed people from all walks of life for decades, introducing them to both new and well-known artists.

For the past five years, the AZ-TV Channel 7 “Stuff the Bus” campaign has become a lifesaver for Arizona children living in poverty. Thanks to generous donations and a cadre of volunteers, 7,000 kids could start the school year prepared, excited and hopeful.

Some readers may recognize the name Jennifer Marshall. She’s been one of Arcadia News’ freelance writers since March 2018. A name readers might not recognize (yet) is that of Parker Fairchild – which is Marshall’s pen name that she used to author her first printed novel.

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Over the years, I have collected many enjoyable Christmas memories. One of my favorites is the day when I – dressed as a holiday elf – met Nicole, an 8-year-old homeless girl.

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Tanya Piazza says she always loved having her hair and nails done as a little girl. Little did she know that her infatuation would become a career.

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Popcorn is probably one of America’s favorite snacks, and brothers Rudi and Aaron Sinykin have harnessed the popularity of this treat as a way to give back to their community.

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Help support local Arcadia Boy Scouts by buying a wreath! The annual Troop 6 Wreath Sale is happening now. Wreaths – and other holiday greenery – start at $25 for local delivery. Direct delivery is available to the continental U.S., which makes holiday gift-giving easy. Proceeds from this fu…

The Million Dollar Teacher Project is a Valley nonprofit that wants to see more support for teachers inside and outside the classroom. Since its inception in 2016, MDTP has helped around 3,000 teachers and 90,000 students in 16 school districts across the Phoenix metro area. 

Alice L. Bendheim was known as a fierce supporter of civil liberties who wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. The mother of four co-founded the American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona in 1959, and for 60 years she never stopped fighting for the freedoms and causes she cared for so deeply.

Even the most subdued mood or lonely heart in a senior center can be transformed from somber to spirited in a matter of minutes. Once Dolly, Mazy and Boone make their entrances, the seniors’ faces light up and the fun begins. 

During the pandemic, many people are finding themselves overwhelmed. They’re pushed to the edge with family responsibilities, health concerns, homeschooling and working from home. 

In April of this year, 14-year-old Paradise Valley resident Logan Rose founded the Little League Wiffleball organization. Starting with just one team, the sport has grown, and in October, 32 teams competed in the Western Wiffleball Classic at Scottsdale Stadium.

Arcadia’s Boy Scout Troop 6 has added another Eagle Scout to its ranks with Arcadia High junior Dylan Burges. 

During the stay-at-home order, local jewelry maker Christy Alvarado and her friends decided to start making beaded bracelets to give to the staff at St. Joseph’s Hospital – she called the line Bracelet Joy.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars started over 120 years ago after the Spanish-American War in 1898 and the Philippine Insurrection from 1899-1902. Many soldiers arrived home injured and unwell, with no way to take care of themselves. As a result, a group of veterans started the Veterans of Forei…

Coley Arnold’s superpower could easily be being a super mom. Or maybe it’s being a super business owner? Then again, why not just call her Superwoman?

Despite the health and safety challenges facing Veterans Day activities, there are leaders in our community who have determined the “show must go on,” albeit with some adaptions. Here are a few organizations taking the lead in honoring our veterans on Wednesday, November 11.

During a trip to Washington, D.C., I had the opportunity to tour the National Mall. It is a magnificent tribute to America’s greatness, from the towering Washington Monument at one end to the powerful and compassionate likeness of Abraham Lincoln at the other.

Some say that wine is more of a lifestyle than a beverage. Arcadia moms and wine aficionados Kris Kainass and Amie Lyon enthusiastically agree.

If there’s ever been a perfect time for a cocktail, 2020 is it. With the COVID-19 pandemic turning the hospitality industry upside down, a new project is bringing the community together to support female bartenders and the greater bar and restaurant scene. 

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Thanks to our winter visitors, the annual changing of the license plates means it is fall in Arizona. All jokes aside, there are parts of this state where true autumnal beauty flourishes. Orange, golds, ambers and reds – no, I’m not talking about a flight of beer from one of our local brewer…

The coronavirus put a damper on nearly everything. Folks struggled to put a smile on their faces while not being able to leave their homes. Arcadians John Besser and Candice Gohman decided to do something about it and turned their front yard into Bear and Minnie’s Many Adventures.

Don’t bother boasting about your frequent flyer miles around Tesh Rao, because you will wind up feeling grounded compared to his travels. 

Searching for a job right now might not make sense to many people. The market feels volatile. If you have a job, it may not feel like the right time to take a risk and switch jobs. However, I would encourage you to keep your eyes open. There are companies hiring and onboarding new employees,…

After 23 years with the Women’s National Basketball Association, Bridget Pettis retired from the sport and launched a new adventure – Project Roots. This nonprofit strives to grow healthy, organic food and share it with the community with a goal of helping people live a healthier life.

Most people come to Flagstaff for its outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking and skiing. However, this picturesque northern Arizona mountain town also has a ton of history and culture that you can experience by taking a stroll or a self-led walking tour downtown. 

A unique art piece has a new home at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Electro-Symbio Phonics for Phoenix, by international artist Nam June Paik, was initially commissioned by the City of Phoenix in 1992 for America West Arena (now Talking Stick Resort Arena).