Pam Peacock

Vacation is often idealized as a time to sit back and relax, enjoy the surroundings, and have a good time. But for Pam Peacock, vacation was more than a time to relax. It was a time to create. 

Peacock, an associate broker and certified residential specialist, said that she has been working every day for the past four decades, only taking three weeks off for vacation. Peacock and her husband would take their motor home to Idaho or Oregon. During this time, she would spend time working on her book.

“It was so exciting and fun,” Peacock said. “I’m so used to working that I would just sit at my picnic table and start writing.”

Sitting outside and enjoying nature inspired theme and illustrations for her latest creation, a book called Nursery Rhymes for Life.

The book helps connect different generations by explaining the background and history that inspired classic rhymes like Ring Around the Rosie, Old Mother Hubbard and Three Blind Mice. Peacock said she wants her audience to understand how important it is to use the rhymes – that have been passed down through the centuries – in daily life and how they play a part in the world today.

“I want my audience to feel joyful of the experiences that they remember that connect to nursery rhymes and pass them on to their grandchildren, for generations to come,” Peacock said. 

She wanted to create something that she could dedicate and pass down to her grandsons. Given that nursery rhymes were a large part of her childhood, she felt helping people understand what was going on in the world when they were written was important in understanding life as a whole. 

She dedicated the book “from your grandparents,” providing predecessors a chance to look back on their lives and give something to the next generation.

Peacock was trained as an English teacher in college and often worked in the writing field throughout her life. When her family moved to Arizona in 1983, she started working for builders, realtors and eventually with Arcadia schools and events.

“Originally, I wanted to be a school counselor, but I realized that it involved discipline, and I am more of a positive person than a disciplinarian,” Peacock said. 

In the future, she plans to continue writing books “help people motivate themselves.” Nursery Rhymes for Life is available on Amazon or Barnes & Noble online.