It’s Sunday afternoon, and the weather is a gorgeous 78 degrees. You can hear your favorite golf course calling your name. Up on the tee box, the scent of fresh-cut grass clippings waft through the air. As you tune in to the peaceful surroundings, you notice the fairways are trimmed to a perfect length, and the finely manicured greens are ready to corral your perfectly struck shots.

The artistry laid out is largely the work of greenskeepers, and thanks to a new venture, you can now show your appreciation for their tireless work. 

This is the idea behind Grass Clippings, a company started by Arcadia locals Jake and Jimmy Hoselton, Connor Riley and Pete Wilson, graduates of Arcadia High School. 

The guys have been golfing together for as long as they can remember, and the idea of a clothing company brand dedicated to the “silent hero” of the course came about six years ago. 

“A good family friend of ours is a greenskeeper at Forest Highlands golf course in Flagstaff. Over the years he showed us the ins-and-outs of golf course maintenance and greenskeeping,” Jake said. “We picked up on the struggles and hardships of his job and how he keeps the course beautiful, but it was interesting that nobody knew who the greenskeeper was.” 

After visiting a public golf course in small-town Alexandria, Minnesota a year ago and meeting the greenskeeper there, the boys set their plan in motion. 

“The greenskeeper was like a god in his town. Because he makes the course perfect and no one else can do it, he became really well-known in his community. After we met him and played the course, we decided we needed to grab onto our idea,” Jake said. 

“The correlation between someone doing all the hard work to ‘make something go’ and never getting recognition for it; we thought it was a perfect example with the greenskeeper,” Pete said. “He grinds every day and makes something beautiful and we want to give recognition back.” 

Grass Clippings held its first golf tournament – the Grass Clippings Open – in early January to launch its brand. There were 36 two-player teams, with more than 75 percent being from Arcadia, that played for two days at Mountain Shadows Golf Resort. 

The first shirts and hats were unveiled at the tournament and awards were given for first and last place. The winner received framed Grass Clippings original artwork and a trophy. Last place went home with a gag gift – a used lawnmower. 

“Phoenix is a golfing destination, but there are no staple golf brands out of Arizona, so for this community being such a golf-centered town, having our own ‘home’ brand was a big motivator,” Jake said. 

The ultimate goal of Grass Clippings is to bring their brand to pro shops all around the country, with each piece of clothing giving recognition and reference to a local greenskeeper. 

“The shirt will be created for the shop, for the course. The Grass Clippings logo will be there, along with something to reference the greenskeeper. You could buy the TravisMathew shirt. Or you could buy the Grass Clippings shirt and feel more a part of a community,” Pete said. 

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