The ALL 8-10 All-Stars after their state championship win.

Arcadia Little League (ARLL), which resides in Arizona's District 6, had seven teams compete in the all-star tournaments this summer. However, one of these teams, the 8-9-10 minors baseball team, accomplished more this year than any other team in the history of the league…they won the Arizona state tournament.

 Each district in Arizona has several all-star teams composed of players from each individual/local little league from a given region. The teams compete against one another for the opportunity to advance to the state tournament representing their district. Throughout Arizona, more than 55 all-star minors baseball teams will compete at the district level. This year, fourteen district victors, including a uniquely talented ARLL team, advanced to the 8-9-10 baseball state tournament in Tucson that began on July 17th. Although consistently challenged, the ARLL team finished undefeated throughout the district and state tournaments. 

In ARLL's first game of the state tournament, they defeated Mount Graham Little League from Safford 16-0. They overcame a valiant effort by West Flagstaff Little League with a 16-7 victory. In their third game, they trounced the home district Rincon Little League team with a final score of 15-3. These victories positioned them in the tournament's semi-finals to challenge a talented and similarly undefeated Paradise Valley (PV) North Little League team. Facing their toughest test of the summer, ARLL prevailed with a 6-4 score to advance to the tournament's finals. 

During July in Tucson and throughout the state, the much-desired rain forced several delays to the tournament's completion. As a result, the District 12 tournament director from Tucson, Cindy Snow, in conjunction with District 6 and ARLL, relocated the final games to Phoenix at Ingleside Middle School to conclude the tournament. 

In less than a day, the families and other community members involved in ARLL prepared IMS to host the remainder of the tournament. The baseball field, unused since the district tournament at the end of June, received some TLC from the wonderful groundskeeper. A concession stand emerged from an abyss. Outdoor coolers and fans to accommodate the spectators surfaced as well. 

The semi-finals proceeded with PV North Little League defeating Four Peaks Little League from Mesa 15-11 to advance against formidable ARLL. The championship game would be a rematch of the hard-fought 6-4 victory by ARLL. In a magical comeback victory that displayed the volatility, fervor, and exhilaration of little league baseball, ARLL once again defeated PV North Little League 4-2 capping an undefeated post-season to capture the 8-9-10 Minors Baseball State Championship! Every player contributed immensely to the team's success to complete the improbable task of an unblemished post-season journey.



Oliver Bandura

Cody Dreier

Colt Dreier

Eli Driscoll

Jalen Knighton

Carter Lampe

Chase Lauer

Caden Lewis

Johnny McCormack

Oliver Ord

Brooks Smith

Jacob Swenson


Eric Dreier


Toure Knighton

Mike Ord