This month, Arcadia News is honored to recognize second-grade teacher, Allison Bosworth. Like so many of our excellent teachers, Mrs. Bosworth takes this responsibility to heart.

“My goal has always been to be the kind of teacher I’d want my daughter to have,” she said.

She recalls the power of a comment from Mrs. Gookin, her freshman English teacher at Arcadia High School.

Gookin said, “Allison, you’re a really good writer.”

“That was all it took for me to start trying harder and I began to see myself as a good student,” Bosworth shared. 

Nominating parent, Chamise Broucek, whose children, Will (eighth-grade), Ellie (fourth-grade) and Mollie (second-grade), have all had the pleasure of Mrs. Bosworth’s tutelage, said, “Her attention to the kids – and really playing to their strengths – is amazing!”

She adds that Mrs. Bosworth even checks in on former students’ progress throughout their time at Hopi.

Bosworth’s family is from Chicago, but came here when she was an infant. She and her sister are both products of Hopi, Ingleside Middle School and Arcadia High School. She is raising her own family here in the Arcadia neighborhood, where her sister and parents still live.

“My dad loves taking credit for initiating my career as a teacher,” Bosworth shared as she recalled what inspired her choice.

She was a senior in high school, attending church one Sunday, when her dad volunteered her to fill in for a preschool teacher who was ill.

“My dad really didn’t ask me if I wanted to do it, he just told me it was happening,” she remembered. “An hour later, I was hooked…So yes, ‘Thank you, Dad.’”

According to Broucek, one of the funny stories Bosworth shares with parents on Back to School Night is one of her dad peeking through the window of her classroom when she was first teaching, 15 years ago.

With supportive parents like that, it’s no wonder Mrs. Bosworth is so invested in the welfare of all her students.