THIS MONTH'S WINNER: Meredith Flower – Archway Veritas


Tell us about your background. 

I’m from Canada. I’ve spent 18 years as a teacher. Teaching was a family profession. My dad taught at a school that is similar to Archway Veritas, and I have two sisters who taught too. It’s in our blood. 

When I worked in Canada, I spent time as a P.E. teacher. I played all kinds of sports growing up, volleyball, basketball, swimming. I was even a downhill skier. We used to take the kids to a camp in northern Ontario. Here at Archway Veritas, whenever there’s a 5K run, a hike, or anything outdoors, I always try to go. 

Love was why I came to Phoenix. I was down here visiting a friend and met my husband. This has been my home for years though, it’s a fabulous community and I feel very blessed. 

What is your favorite part about teaching at a Great Hearts school? 

I think we’re very blessed in that it holds true to classical education. Teachers want to teach it. We really make a great effort to give it our best, with the curriculum being so rich. We’re handed a curriculum that is phenomenal, and I see the growth and love of learning with it. It’s rich in literature. When you can get a kid excited about Aesop’s Fables, or reciting poetry, it creates a love of learning. 

I always tell my kids, you were created for greatness. You have virtue in you from the time of your birth. My job is to pull that out of you and hold you to it.  

With a big work load and complex subjects, how do you make that

do-able for such young children? 

It’s taken work. It’s not like a magic wand has just been waved over the school. I would say that you can’t speak enough about classroom management. When you’ve got that, you’ve got the kids. Get the behavior down and everything else will follow. 

I also try to be a great storyteller. I will research as much as I can about the subject I’m going to teach the following day. That way the story goes where I need it to go. When you fill your cup up with information, you’re able to better direct the conversation.  

How does the Archway Veritas community make your job easier? 

I think it is very helpful seeing how much parents are invested. When you send a student here, there’s an expectation that comes with that, both in terms of schoolwork and behavior. So, when you get parents who are on the same page as you when it comes to what is good for the students, that is a wonderful setup. 

Our parents are off the charts. The way they hold us in high esteem and, quite frankly, respect what we do, makes my job much easier. I think we’ve been given a level of respect by the parents because they’ve seen the results in their kids. 

Our administration is also a big part of the success. I can’t say enough about them, the way they lead and the way they always have our backs as teachers. 

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