Tea Towels

Border & Brown’s tea towels showcase some Arizona neighborhoods and common AZ quips.

Area resident Landry Brown has combined her love of Arizona with her creative knack for design and crafting to form a new business. The online gift boutique, called Border & Brown, features Brown’s signature collection of unique prints, rustic tin mugs highlighting different Arizona cities, along with shirts and other items like tote bags and tea towels.

The business came about in early 2020 during the quarantine.

“I had nothing but time on my hands at home and was updating some of the prints in our house,” Brown said. “I like to make things for myself and friends if I can’t find exactly what I’m looking for elsewhere.”

After creating a few prints for home and getting requests from friends to make copies, the idea for her own business took off, and she began preparing for the launch. Luckily, she had some inspiration for homegrown designs stored away, so coming up with product designs was an exciting and gratifying process.

“As a first-time business owner, I’ve found immense joy, motivation and togetherness while navigating my new journey,” Brown said. “It’s been cathartic during these times to refocus on something that celebrates our home state.”

Brown grew up in central Phoenix and attended Madison Simis, All Saints and Xavier College Prep before heading south for college at the University of Arizona. Before starting the shop, she worked as a reading specialist and teacher.

“Education is a forever passion of mine. When the pandemic hit, I found myself in a position to be able to pivot career paths and realize other dreams,” Brown said. “Border & Brown became an outlet where I could connect with the community from the safety of my home.”

She credits Arizona as the place where she’s been able to foster lifelong friendships and provide her family with a stable foundation to watch her business grow and flourish.

“I’m so appreciative of seeing a business grow from the ground up and realizing how important community support is to achieve that,” Brown said.

Brown also acknowledges the beauty of Arizona’s environment, including one of the seven natural wonders of the world and the iconic Saguaro cactus. “We have some of the most incredible sunsets around, and the more you learn about all the little neighborhoods and cities around the state, the more you see things like that everywhere,” Brown said.

Many of the Border & Brown designs are inspired by her childhood and learning about Arizona’s history. The name is a combination of Landry’s name and ‘border,’ because Brown wanted alliteration that had to do with our state.

“I love the fact that we border another country. To me, a border represents the edges where to two things meet with an exchange and sharing of ideas. Our border represents something beautiful; a meeting ground between neighbors,” she said.

Although this year has brought many challenges, Brown found a silver lining at a time when e-commerce is booming as many people are shopping virtually instead of in-person.

As someone who is immensely proud of where she lives, Brown is excited for big things ahead.

“To me, the community has been everything during these tough times, and I think all of us have realized the importance of a solid group of people who have your back,” Brown said. “We can get through the tough times if we stick together, and I think Arcadia has done an excellent job of helping out those who need it. I’m excited to expand this circle through a brand I believe in wholeheartedly.”