Arcadia native and Phoenix New Times Managing Editor Amy Silverman never expected to write a book about motherhood. Having spent the last two decades as an investigative journalist, tackling everything from Phoenix’s homeless veterans to the legislative vote to banish Happy Meal toys, penning a nonfiction work about raising her daughter Sophie was the last thing she could have imagined.

But then again, Silverman never expected to wake up on that morning in May 2003, groggy from extra pain medication and tired from giving birth to her second daughter, only to hear her husband say that doctors suspected their newborn baby girl had Down syndrome.

My Heart Can’t Even Believe It is the story of family, science and allowing your child to teach you more than you could ever teach them. Told through personal stories and detailed research from the past 13 years, Silverman’s journalistic talents shine as she is able to tell an intricate, personal, yet academic story of raising her sweet Sophie.

“I knew absolutely nothing about Down syndrome before Sophie was born,” said Silverman.

Once Sophie came home, Silverman set about doing research as she would for any story presented to her: investigating the facts, interviewing the experts, learning, listening and taking notes.

“I set out to educate myself and answer my own questions,” said Silverman. “This is the book I wish I’d had in my life 13 years ago.”

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