Salt. What does that word conjure up for you? Potato chips? Popcorn? In the salty vs sweet debate, I am a lover of all things sweet, and dark chocolate is a daily treat for me. 

But years ago when I started to really learn about the health benefits of salt, in particular organic sea salt, I started to salt my food for an entirely new reason. Yes, a good sea salt will pull out the flavors in your food and give it a richness unlike processed table salt. But it also provides you with naturally occurring minerals that are amazing for your body. 

So, while most of us were raised on the salt with the cute little girl with the yellow umbrella on it, those tend to be processed to remove trace minerals and include additives. If you decide to move towards organic sea salts, there is one in particular that deserves attention and that is the pink crystals of Himalayan sea salt.

These beautiful pink salt crystals are mined from the great Salt Range of the Himalayas, an area that geologists estimate could be 800 million years old. The Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan is the world’s oldest salt mine (and still the second largest) and attracts 250,000 tourists a year who come to see the unearthing of huge bricks of the unique pink salt. So the rich minerals have essentially been undisturbed for millions of years! 

The cost of Himalayan sea salt is more than table salt, but the benefits are so wide-ranged from taste to health that it may be worth your consideration. You can find Himalayan sea salt at all-natural grocery stores and there are usually several to select from in different price ranges. If you decide that you will be switching, Sprouts carries it in bulk and can be a cost-effective way to go.

One easy tip for getting more into your diet is to add a 1/4 tea spoon of Himalayan sea salt to your first glass of water in the morning, and a then a pinch to your water throughout the day. A simple way to help your adrenals. In trying it with the kids, they were not too thrilled with the “salt water”, but I still sneak a small pinch into the water bottles. 

As always, please advise your doctor if you are on a certain sodium restricted diet before adding it to your diet.

Happy Salting!

— Sara Lemons Vaules is the founder of Lemon and Light, which offers consulting, products and strategies for moving with ease into an organic, chemical-free lifestyle.