Zoom bday

Allison Mathis attending a Zoom birthday party.


Americans faced a tough time last month.  The COVID-19 virus forced families across the U.S. to shelter-in-place and avoid going out in public. This meant getting used to a new schedule, homeschooling and learning new ways to keep kids busy. Here is how a few Arcadia parents pulled through:


We’ve been walking our dogs several times a day. Dogs are big winners under the shelter-in-place order. We’re able to see neighbors out and about doing the same, and it helps us feel less isolated. Another shelter-in-place bonus is that with fewer drivers on the road, my newly-licensed teen driver gets to practice without all the traffic.

– Liz Mathis


I’m trying to stay present. Thinking ahead or planning during a pandemic while we’re sheltering at home means taking one step at a time, often into my backyard or into my kids’ tree fort to hide from my family when things get loud/tiring/frustrating or just too much.

I’m taking time for myself to meditate, exercise, talk to friends and family on the phone or via FaceTime. I’m letting my kids watch too much TV, FaceTime with their friends and eat more junk food than is the “norm.” 

I’m throwing my typical structure and rules out the window because holding on so tightly to what I always feel I “need to be doing” does not do anyone any good right now. We are in the flow, which some days means we’re baking, playing a board game or walking our dog together; other days, it means we are screaming at each other and stomping off to be in our bedrooms, separated with closed doors. So be it. I’m not about to judge myself, my kids, our family or this situation. Sometimes it’s okay to survive, rather than to thrive. 

– Deb Razar

We’re fortunate that we both have work-from-home capabilities and a somewhat flexible work schedule, which allows us to care for our toddlers simultaneously. We’ve been attempting to keep them on a similar schedule in which they’re used to at preschool, but of course, sometimes it just doesn’t happen. There have been plenty of challenges and frustrations that everyone can relate to, but in some aspects, it has been nice to slow down and connect without the distractions of commutes and social engagements. To stay sane… well, there’s wine for that.

– Erika Franklin


We made lemonade for two days straight; the lavender-infused lemonade was outstanding! Lying on blankets in the yard, reading under the trees listening to the birds is my favorite escape. 

– Krista Robinson