Nothing is more precious to me than the handmade gifts I’ve received from my kids over the years for Mother’s Day. Macaroni necklaces. Handprints. Macaroni frames. When they got a little older they presented a recipe holder made with a clothespin and a block of wood. When they grew even older, I received a potted flower pen and coupon books with sweet sentiments such as “Good for One Breakfast in Bed” and “Redeem for 10 Free Hugs.”

I mean, really? How can you not get all sappy over a box with macaroni glued on top and spray painted gold? And by sappy, I mean the drawer in my nightstand is filled to the brim with each of these treasures because I have kept them all. Sure, some of the pasta pieces are cracked and have fallen to the corners of the drawer, but they are all there. How is it that as the kids have grown and the homemade gifts are replaced with store-bought lovelies, each handmade specialty becomes even more precious? Only moms, mothers, grandmothers and nanas truly know the answer.

Dad, here is an idea for a Mother’s Day gift you can gently steer your sweet children into creating for their awesome mom. Come on, you can do this! And if I had to guess, this beautiful gift would not end up in a drawer, but quite possibly in a place of frequent use or prominent display.


  • newspaper to protect the work surface
  • 2 bowls
  • recycled plastic grocery bag or a
  • gallon-size Ziploc bag
  • white school glue
  • water
  • yarn in fun colors, twine or jute string
  • scissors


  • beads
  • glitter
  • dip dye


  1. Cover your work surface with newspaper. This can be messy!
  2. Choose one bowl to use as your mold, keeping in mind that the shape of this bowl will determine the shape of your yarn bowl.
  3. Cover the bowl with the plastic bag or the Ziploc bag. Place the bowl upside down on your newspaper-covered work surface.
  4. Pour some glue (we used Elmer’s White School Glue) into the second – unwrapped – bowl and add a little water to dilute the glue. Stir.
  5. Unravel the string that you’ve chosen and submerse in the glue. Note: Use long strands or don’t cut it until you’ve finished with the next two steps.
  6. Pinch the yarn between your fingers to squeeze off the extra glue.
  7. Place the upside-down bowl with the bag in front of you. Wind the yarn or string back and forth, over and around the outside of the bowl mold, making lots of U-turns. Continue until the bowl is covered the way you want it and then cut the yarn (if you haven’t already). Press the yarn down gently to help the strands stick together.
  8. Allow the yarn to dry. This could take a couple days; so find a good hiding spot where mom won’t find it!
  9. When the yarn is dry, remove the bowl from under the bag. Then, gently peel the bag off the yarn bowl. You can flake off the extra glue if you’re feeling tidy.

Kids will love it if mom keeps her treasures in it!

Optional: Occasionally string a bead on the twine or yarn for additional decoration. For extra pizzazz, add glitter. You can also dip dye a bowl made of white twine.