One of the interesting parts of this job is seeing what kinds of stories the Arcadia community responds to. Always near the top of the list are historical stories with old pictures. Whether it is because of how foreign and fascinating an older world looks, or simply a kind of nostalgia for a simpler time, historic stories are always some of our most popular. 

We’ve got a good one of these for you this month! Did you know that the idea for Arcadia can be traced back to one man? Along with his story (page 31), we’ve reprinted the original first advertisement for our community. 

On the modern front, February means it’s time for the Hopi Talent Show. This event, which started in the 80s, has put students front and center, letting them showcase their abilities. The story of how it got started and how it gets thrown together each year (page 34) involves directors, parents, emcees, and one fairly well-known rock star. 

Also, the high school girls basketball playoffs are getting started in the middle of this month, and the Arcadia Titans need your support! The team is in the middle of an impressive season, with the goal being nothing less than the state championship (page 54). 

Finally, one of the most encouraging stories from the last few months has been the success of the Arizona Helping Hands toy drive back in December. What you may not realize though, is how big a part our neighborhood played in helping to make the holiday season memorable for foster families (page 36). 

As always, I encourage you to reach out to me with any story ideas, suggestions or feedback. Many of our best neighborhood stories are made possible by local readers who contact us. We hope you enjoy the February 2018 edition – and thank you for reading the Arcadia News!

— Nick Smith,