Mother’s Day is one of the biggest highlights during the month of May, and I personally have come to see the holiday in a whole new way than I did in 2017. 

This will be the first official Mother’s Day for my wife Leslie Anne, as we welcomed our first baby last October. Our daughter Elaine is now six months old (cover photo), and the last half year has made it perfectly clear to me that no one deserves to have a day of honor more than moms do. 

From the moment Elaine arrived, my wife has been completely devoted to this new life, completely at the expense of her own. She gives up much needed sleep to wake up every night, changes dozens of baby and grown-up outfits each day, remains calm over the bloodcurdling shrieks of a baby who doesn’t want to be rocked to sleep. I watch with a mixture of awe and pride as she never lets Elaine see how hard the job is, smiling at her no matter what, even when sharp baby fingernails are accidentally tearing into her face. 

My wife is a superhero, and she and mothers just like her are why we’ve devoted so much of our May issue to moms. There’s a list of great spas where you can spoil your own mom this year (page 20), while columnist Robin Sewell pens a touching note about her own mother (page 26), and the impact she’s had on her life. We’re also telling the story of Laura Murphy (page 32), a mom who made a huge impact on our local history, all while leading her family through things most of us can’t even imagine.  

Other stories featured in our May edition include the 20th anniversary of the Hubbard Family Swim School (page 28), updates on some of the ever-expanding retail complexes around the area (page 36), and college signing day for athletes at Arcadia High School (page 48). 

As always, I encourage you to reach out to me with any story ideas, suggestions or feedback. Many of our best neighborhood stories are made possible by loyal readers, who contact us. We hope you enjoy this May 2018 edition – and thank you for reading the Arcadia News!

— Nick Smith