The name EchoTech came from Michael’s ability to hear with the

help of new hearing aids.

Catching up with Arcadia’s handyman, Michael Andaloro

In September 2019, Arcadia News featured a story about Michael Andaloro, a well-known and self-taught handyman who spent countless hours helping with tasks around the neighborhood. The story focused on a GoFundMe campaign that helped raise over $5,000 in two days for Michael to receive new hearing aids.

Today, Andaloro is flourishing in his collegiate career in Dallas, Texas, and has recently started a new venture called EchoTech.

“Since I last spoke with Arcadia News, the hearing aids have been amazing, and I am still extremely grateful for the community helping me get these,” Andaloro said. “I realized that the work I have been doing in Phoenix has been wonderful, and I love helping people solve problems that they face, no matter what it is.”

Andaloro started the business as a way to continue helping those in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area while he is going to college.

“EchoTech is a company that was created as a way for me to continue doing what I have been doing in Phoenix, except this time I will be able to begin building a company and expanding on my ‘side hustle,’” Andaloro said.

This past summer, Andaloro participated in an internship with Northrop Grumman in Chandler as a guidance, navigation and control engineer. Now, the University of Dallas has resumed in-person classes, and Andaloro is currently a senior studying computer science.

Through EchoTech, Andaloro hopes to offer his expertise as a technician to repair computers, recover data and advise technology upgrades. Andaloro also offers services such as assembling and moving furniture, house and pet sitting and much more.

“When deciding on the name, I knew I wanted it to reflect my identity. I decided on the name as an echo comes from sound, and since I am deaf but can hear thanks to the gift of sound amplified through hearing aids, I chose EchoTech,” Andaloro said.

While his business plan is still in the works, “the immediate future calls for me to invest all profits into improving the business, such as purchasing a used server that I can host my website on instead of being dependent on Google Sites,” he said.

His long-term goals for the company include using his computer science skills to develop and release an application that will allow contractors, plumbers and electricians to register.

“Homeowners, businesses and anyone else will be able to quickly find a reliable service provider based on their needs and availabilities, sort providers based on soonest availability, best rated, etc. It’s like a blend between Uber and Yelp,” Andaloro said.

“I realized this was needed after hearing stories about people struggling to find a contractor available in their time frame, then the contractor not showing up or overcharging, or doing a poor job, etc. Just like Amazon makes it easy to shop and get things you need, this app will make it easy to shop for a contractor and get a job done as soon as possible,” Andaloro said.

Andaloro’s future goals are to finish his education and begin working full-time as a software engineer.

“During this time, I hope to build EchoTech by working for clients when I am not actively studying. After I graduate, I am not exactly sure where I will be living, but it looks likely that I will remain in Dallas,” he said.