Their mission is a straightforward one, and their cause affects 1,000 to 3,000 families in each school district across Arizona. Feed Our Babies USA aims “To bring community resources together to develop and implement a sustainable, nutritious food source for hungry families, one school district at a time.”

FOB will undergo a strategic rebranding in March and will be renamed Feeding Students USA.

“The reason behind the rebranding is truly simple,” Founder Joni Navarro-Sucato said. “Every time I speak to a group about Feed Our Babies USA, I always get questions: ‘How old are the babies you feed? Do you need diapers? How can we help with the babies in need?’”

Navarro-Sucato explained that the nonprofit wanted to leverage its growth in the community by creating a brand that defines the organization’s role more precisely, to help build stronger alliances within communities.

In 2020, FOB helped over 1,000 Scottsdale Unified families by providing them with food boxes.

As of February 2021, the nonprofit has helped over 300 families with food boxes. “We are seeing so many more families this year due to Covid,” Navarro-Sucato said. “Most people in and around Arcadia have no idea there is so much need within our schools.”

Navarro-Sucato explained that FOB is different because they work with school community service leaders that let the nonprofit know which families need help.

“We do not identify per income like most state-mandated food banks. At this point, we are the only nonprofit that works with the schools daily,” she said.

In the future, Feeding Students USA would like to bring its mission to other communities, states and countries. They’ve even been asked to go to Mexico to help build a food bank.