As Valley temperatures sizzle, many are looking for a way to lighten and tighten up to feel fabulous in their sundresses and swim trunks.

No one wants to gain weight this holiday season, me included. There are even a few brave souls daring to get in better shape to look svelte for party pictures. I totally understand wanting to look fantastic in your holiday dress and am right there with you.

The holidays are in full swing, which means there’s a never-ending temptation of sweets lingering around the office, celebratory lunches, cocktail parties, and – of course – the big family gatherings loaded with wonderful aromas and comfort food.

Even the most clean-eating health nut can get sucked into a gnarly sweet tooth from time to time. And while it’s no big deal to indulge on occasion, regular consumption of added sugar can cause you to actually crave more sugar. Drat!

Not so long ago, I advised everyone to steer clear of protein powders. Most are full of additives, overprocessed, expensive, can cause digestive upset, and are frankly, well, creepy. And who knows how they taste?

Stand in line at any coffee, juice or health food shop and you’ll notice that soy is the most common dairy-free milk on the menu and is regularly offered as a healthful protein alternative.