After almost 50 years of combined teaching in the Hopi classroom, Livia Rice and Allison Bosworth know how to help students succeed. This is one backbone for their venture, called Vault Edutainment, in Old Town Scottsdale. By offering homework help, tutoring and supervised gaming, they’re ensuring that kids receive an equal measure of work and play.

“This entire endeavor was the consequence of one tough day last year at work,” Rice said. “Actually, there were many difficult days. I went to my friend Allison’s classroom at Hopi, where we talked about how much we loved teaching and how cool it would be if we could have our own school or tutor together on a smaller scale.”

“Both of us had tutored after school for years,” Bosworth said, “and we enjoyed having the opportunity to work in smaller ratios. We loved working one on one with kids while getting to know them and their families. We wanted to be creative in how we addressed students’ needs, including tutoring and helping with homework.”

The mom of one of Rice’s former students suggested that, in addition to homework help and tutoring, they include a safe and supervised environment for kids to play video games.

“That’s where the name Edutainment originated, by combining education with homework help and tutoring, plus entertainment, with the gaming component,” Rice said.

Monday through Thursday, Vault Edutainment offers kindergarten through 5th grade students study time through their Homework Huddle Program. They have certified teachers on board to help. 

“Our Homework Huddle has a small ratio of one teacher to no more than four students,” Bosworth said. “Then, after homework is done, parents can choose to reward their kids with an hour of monitored gaming. We have virtual reality goggles and a Game Master on the property.”

Epic Gaming is available on Fridays from 4-8 p.m. On Saturdays, they expand their gaming sessions to 6th, 7th and 8th graders.

“We serve snacks and drinks, and we also have board games and classic games,” Bosworth said. “Since our official opening on August 9, we’ve been focusing on the age groups we know best, but in the future, we’d love to have teachers here for every grade level.”

Vault Edutainment offers various packages  that parents can purchase. They also offer sibling discounts.

“Buying packages and scheduling times can all be done online,” Rice said, “and we also have an app that makes booking times easy and accessible.” In the future, this educational duo would like to expand Vault to include offering birthday parties and starting a pre-school program.