Pirates game

Adam and Jacob Zweiback visit drummer Cole Tucker at one of his games. (right) Twice Baked also has a rotating list of guitarists and female vocalists for gigs.

quick peek inside Adam Zweiback’s home reveals that music is a central facet of who he is. A drum set, piano, keyboard and organ occupy his living room. The more you see of his house; the more music seems to take over.  

Zweiback could be considered a modern-day Renaissance Man. Not only is he in his band Twice Baked, but he is also in a Grateful Dead cover band called The Harvest; he has an ACT/SAT prep business, has taught music and has been the Arcadia High School girls soccer coach for eight seasons. His resume as a coach is strong, with annual playoff appearances including one state title game appearance.  

Despite his varied resume, he says music is his first love. Zweiback made his first appearance in a band at the age of eight as a drummer. He credits The Beatles as igniting his passion in music, specifically Paul McCartney.  

“I really gravitated toward Paul. I just loved his voice and all the harmonies,” Zweiback said. “I loved his bass playing and his guitar and then I saw him play piano, and I kind of took that and became a multi-instrumentalist too.”  

Nowadays, he mostly plays guitar in Twice Baked. The name of the band is a reference to his last name. Zweiback is a type of bread eaten in Europe that is – you guessed it – baked twice. The band also includes his son Jacob on bass, two drummers, Bill Wilson and Cole Tucker, Tom Gilson on keyboard and Keith Baum on saxophone, who was one of the original founders with Zweiback. The two met 20 years ago when their sons were in the same class at school. They also bring in a rotating group of guitarists and female vocalists.  

Tucker is a part-time drummer due to his other job – shortstop for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Because of friendships that Tucker has had during his baseball career, Twice Baked has a few celebrity fans – one of which is Los Angeles Dodgers all-star Cody Bellinger.  

Twice Baked plays Zweiback’s original music and a variety of covers – everything from Red Hot Chili Peppers to Motown – even Britney Spears. The band’s music can be described as rock and adult contemporary. 

The band practices at least once a week and has regular gigs at Provision Coffee Bar.  

Zweiback isn’t the only musician in his family. His wife Kimberly is the tenured professor of organ music at ASU. His other son Ronnie has already created quite a stir in the indie music scene, gaining a following in the Phoenix area.  

“I’ve lived in Arcadia for 20 years. I’ve had children go through Arcadia High and have coached there, so it’s really fun with the band. So many people from the community come to see us,” said Zweiback. “Parents from children that I taught, teachers from the school, former players of mine… it’s been really great.” 

Twice Baked gets its name from the definition of Adam’s last name. Zweiback: a type bread in Europe that is baked twice.