Mother's Day Ideas

We all love our moms, of course, so Mother’s Day is prime time to shower her with gifts such as flowers, mimosas and breakfast in bed, right? Of course, she’d love those things, but how about trying something different this year by cooking up a day of fun with the awesome lady (or ladies) in your life?

Here are some ideas to get started: 

Mani/Pedis – Sandal weather has officially arrived, so make sure those fingers and toes are ready. 

Spa package – Because no one has ever turned down a massage or facial. 

Weekend getaway – For those adventurous moms, try a Sedona hike or a whitewater rafting expedition. 

DIY food spread – Cook up all of mom’s favorite snacks and lay them out picnic-style for the whole family. 

Karaoke – If you’re like me, car trips are all about hosting mini-concerts for no one. This time, try it in front of a crowd and remember to sing like no one is watching. 

Thrift shopping – Map out a list of all the vintage shops in the Valley and make a day of it. You never know which treasures are hiding close to home. 

Fashion show – Chances are mom still has some of her old-school outfits hiding in the closet somewhere. Crimp your hair, adjust your shoulder pads and rule the “runway.” 

Happy hour – Try your skills as a bartender for the night and mix up some fancy cocktails at home and let mom be the taste-tester. 

Gardening – The mornings are still fairly cool, so you can set up all the gardening tools you need and create a floral masterpiece. 

Road trip – Pack up for a few days and head to the beach or the mountains. Don’t forget to make a mom-friendly playlist with her favorite jams.

Cooking class – Sure, moms already know how to whip something up in the kitchen, but why not learn a new dish together from the pros? 

No matter which activity you decide to do, surely mom will love being appreciated for everything she does and spending a day with her loved ones!