Zoyo Mural

After an SUV crashed into the store, Zoyo Yogurt reached out to Veritas Prep’s Ben Van Holland to created a mural that would jazz up the plywood while repairs were taking place.

If you’ve driven past Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt on 56th Street and Indian School Road in the past couple of months, you might have noticed the front of the store looks a little different. 

In mid-January on a rainy evening, a car that was pulling into a spot in front of the store continued on and crashed into the shop, collapsing the window and the door – and this called for a quick fix. The manager on duty put a piece of plywood up as an impromptu wall. Fortunately, there were only a few people in the shop at the time and no one was hurt. 

Not so luckily, repairs were estimated out at four to six weeks, so the plywood would have to stay. 

“I was talking with a friend that suggested getting a hold of Ben Van Holland about doing something cool with the plywood being used as a temporary wall. I was going to just hang a banner that stated we were open,” said Robert Schiller, CEO of Zoyo. 

Mr. Van Holland is an art teacher at Veritas Prep. He jumped at the chance to help out his friend and help improve the front of the store. 

“The temporary plywood wall and plain door were not very inviting and it was unclear if Zoyo was even open. I saw it as an opportunity to try something new, as I had never done a spray paint mural before,” Ben said. 

Ben, along with Robert and friends Fallon and Chris Liles of Gather Projects, used spray paint with the colors from the Zoyo brand to make a new scene for the temporary wall. He painted a cup of yogurt and a notice that reads “now with more plywood.” 

“I wanted to make a fun background and tried to embrace the situation with a ‘plywood flavored’ cup of Zoyo,” Ben said. 

Ben started working on the mural at

5 p.m. and finished at 1 a.m. Chris and Fallon kept him company with food, coffee and music. 

“They hung out with me until it was done and helped me with the painting. They are dear friends and really made the last push to finish a lot of fun,” Ben said. 

Once the new storefront was up, photos of the mural were put in the store as instore media with a story about it. The media loops and plays continuously. The physical sign will be put on wheels and utilized as a store sign in the future. 

“We took pictures and will keep them in the store forever because people really loved the mural. Hundreds of kids signed the inside of the plywood, which was really cool,” Robert said. 

Mr. Van Holland is in his fourth year of teaching at Veritas and the Zoyo mural is his first (and hopefully not last) piece of public work.