Jenny Holsman Tetreault

Jenny Holsman Tetreault

Jenny Holsman Tetreault is embracing her new role as chair of the board at Waste Not, an Arizona nonprofit focused on creating sustainable food systems to benefit both people and the planet.

Forty percent of food in the U.S. is thrown away each year. At the same time, nearly one million Arizonans struggle with food insecurity. Waste Not is on a mission to transform this system and connect people in need with quality food that would otherwise go to waste. After serving on the board for three years, Tetreault took over as board president in July. 

“I have an incredible opportunity to work with our staff to raise the visibility of food rescue and food insecurity within Arizona,” Tetreault said. “We work daily to ensure that fresh food doesn’t get sent to our landfills, but instead is delivered to our more than 85 nonprofit partner agencies, so those who are hungry have access to food.” 

Directors serve as ambassadors and advocates for food rescues in a state that ranks the sixth-worst for food insecurity, with 1 in 4 children and 1 in 5 adults unsure where they will get their next meal. 

The organization is unique in that it’s the only one in the state that collects prepared foods before they go to waste and delivers them directly to nonprofits that serve those in need, such as homeless shelters, transitional housing and senior facilities, to name a few. 

“Our efforts enable partner organizations to focus on other critical needs of the children and families they serve, such as housing, employment, and education,” Tetreault said. “Waste Not creates wins all around for our community.”

Tetreault first discovered Waste Not through her work as an attorney for U.S. Foods. Hearing about Waste Not’s unique approach to food rescue in the Valley sparked her interest.

“I asked if I could play a strategic role to help the expansion of the program, increase food safety and quality, and raise the visibility of the organization to more restaurants here in the Valley,” Tetreault said. 

Her involvement included leadership roles at Waste Not while also finding time to support social services, sustainability and art organizations in Phoenix. Today, Tetreault is a proud Waste Not Food Rescue Volunteer and serves as a United Food Bank board member, representing Waste Not as their subsidiary nonprofit. 

Tetreault and her team are committed to expanding food rescue partnerships with restaurants, hotels and catering companies. 

“We aim to provide fresh food to even more nonprofits so that over 3.5 million meals can be served in the community each year and expand volunteer opportunities so others can join in this effort,” she said.