For a long time, La Grande Orange (LGO) has been making special-order cakes for customers. So when the space next to the grocery became available, LGO jumped at the opportunity to expand its already successful bakery.

“The cake we sell in our grocery section does really well,” said Director of Operations and partner Josh Thompson, “but our number one request was to be able to buy a whole cake. That was the concept for the opening of the Cake Shop.”

“We turned the new shop over pretty quickly,” Thompson said, “and now we’re able to offer cakes all the time to our customers such as specialty and custom cakes for weddings and birthdays along with seasonal cheesecakes and pies, too.”

The shop has been operational for a little over two months. Thompson reported that Christmas was very busy, and he anticipates steady growth given the high praise LGO has received from its many neighborhood fans.

“We’re trying to brand our bakery to become a one-stop shop,” Thompson said, “meaning you can come in and buy your cake, gelato, candles, plates, a gift (like a stuffed animal) and maybe a cool party favor.”

With the establishment of the Cake Shop, Thompson and his staff have learned cake’s significance in life varies from person to person, and for some people, cake isn’t just cake. Some view it as an honorary dessert reserved only for special milestones and occasions like a birthday, bar mitzvah or wedding.  

Others regularly order it because they appreciate cake’s specialness but don’t need a grand celebration to justify indulging.

Wherever a customer sits on the cake spectrum, La Grande Orange aims to fulfill any request. In addition to custom orders and the regular cake menu, LGO also offers blank cakes, which can quickly be adapted to read “Happy Birthday” or “Happy Anniversary.”

Check out the cake menu online at, or better yet, treat your sweet tooth and visit the shop at 4410 N. 40th St., a few doors down from LGO Grocery.