Kerry Burki

Kerry Burki’s new book evolved from her own inner observations.

As a yoga teacher, life coach, and self-described “creative,” Phoenix resident Kerry Burki’s life is awash in spiritual possibilities. Her book, Tend to Your Vibration, is a rich compendium of 30 lessons that promote healing, relaxation, creativity and positive emotional energy. 

“The lessons are a mix of my creations, ancient techniques from my yogic studies, tried-and-true life coaching exercises and energy work from my experience as an intuitive mentor,” Burki said.

This colorful, playfully designed book includes inspiring topics such as color energy, essential oils, changing your thoughts, working with angels and animal guides, breath work and visualization. The book links to bonus material, including guided meditations and printable worksheets.

Tend to Your Vibration evolved from Burki’s inner observations. 

“I realized my life coaching always involved breathing and yoga,” she explained. “I felt I was sharing similar things with each client, so I started categorizing my ideas about nature, breath and visualization. I used those subjects to create an e-book that became very popular.”

People asked her to make a print edition, so she ordered a copy from Amazon. “I thought it looked fabulous, so the physical book was born,” she said.

Burki’s fascination with spirituality and personal empowerment began when she studied religion and yoga at Northern Arizona University. During the pandemic, she promoted her breathing and visualization videos on social media but felt she was getting burned out. 

“In 2021, I stopped spinning my wheels and decided to tend to my vibration. That meant taking my advice and trusting the universe would provide for me,” she explained. 

The universe obliged; the owner of the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe reached out soon after. She asked Burki to teach one of their twelve-week courses called “Mastermind for Success” to the students at the end of their two-year associate degrees. “In essence, I teach the principles from the famous Napoleon Hill book, Think and Grow Rich,” Burki said.

In addition to teaching and promoting her book, Burki hosts vision board workshops, public and private seminars, an “Animal Guide Meditation and Painting Workshop” with artist Kristen Fagen and online manifesting sessions. 

She recently taught at Craftcation, a five-day conference in Ventura, California. 

“I helped small business owners bust through their blocks using techniques from my book, human design, yoga, emotional freedom techniques and tarot,” she said.

Tend to Your Vibration can be found at Changing Hands bookstores and