Giving Group

Giving Group AZ donated $10,000 to Foster Arizona Housing Project, whose mission is to “educate, empower and encourage Arizonans to positively impact the lives of young adults transitioning out of foster care.”


The Giving Group is a nonprofit made up of 120 Arizona residents who are on a simple, but effective, mission: to give. Since 2017, the organization has donated almost $190,000 to nonprofits city and statewide. 

Brian Yampolsky started the Arizona branch after a friend in Seattle told him of a similar program there. He explained that this is a new way to make a difference in the community – rather than donating individually.

“A lot of people will donate to worthy causes, but there aren’t a lot of groups that come together to leverage the impact they make,” Yampolsky said. “When there’s a group of over 100 members who are donating $10,000 or more, it has an amplified impact. It goes from making a donation that makes you feel good to making a significant change for some of these nonprofits.”

​​Member Adam Coe said not only has the group been a way for him to give back to the community, but it has also been a way for him and other members to learn about the places in which they live and work.

In monthly meetings, members pitch their nonprofits, allowing others some insight into problems their communities face, ways charities are helping and what individuals can do to help.

“We get to learn about all of the nonprofits and how they are making an impact,” Coe said. “With the donation they are receiving from the Giving Group, we can see where that money is going and how it is being put to use. It’s been a great opportunity for the people in the group and the charities receiving.”

The Giving Group donated $10,000 to Harvest Compassion Center, a nonprofit that “assists cancer patients and their families with the financial burden that cancer treatments pose so that they can focus on healing and recovery.”

“I joined The Giving Group after being introduced to the organization through a friend. I loved how easy it was to be a part of something so impactful,” member Robyn Patterson said. “I love giving back, and being part of The Giving Group sounded like a wonderful opportunity to support Valley nonprofits while networking with philanthropic people at the same time.”

Cloud Covered Streets, a nonprofit dedicated to those experiencing homelessness, is another nonprofit that received a generous donation. Executive Director Robert Thornton said the funds were used to buy new equipment for their mobile shower and laundry trailer, allowing its guests to wash their clothes, shower, receive a haircut, and freshen up. 

“The Giving Group is amazing. They are people who are focused on making this world a better place,” Thornton said.

At their most recent meeting, the Giving Group raised more than $13,000 and selected Foster Arizona Housing Project, whose mission is to bridge the gap between impacting kids in foster care to impacting youth as they transition out of foster care, for a $10K donation.

The group had an extra $3,200 to donate, so three runner-up nonprofits received a donation, as well: The Care Fund, CASS Family Shelter and AZ Chapter of Paralyzed Veterans of America.

The Giving Group is always welcoming new members; find out more on the website: