Coley Arnold

Coley Arnold

Coley Arnold’s superpower could easily be being a super mom. Or maybe it’s being a super business owner? Then again, why not just call her Superwoman?

Lofty praise it is, yet 36-year-old Arnold does seem capable of clearing tall buildings in a single bound or conquering a multitude of other hurdles in her routinely 16-hour days. 

Coley owns four businesses but, more importantly, has four children – and they’re all adoring, rambunctious boys: Baylor, Broden, Benson and Booker. The youngest is 18 months old, and though he sleeps just fine, mom isn’t quite as lucky. 

“Motherhood is the hardest but most rewarding job on the planet. One that runs on no sleep, lots of coffee and thinking you’re never doing enough,” she said. 

Coley met her husband, Justin, while attending ASU. They have been married for 15 years. With dry wit, she says, “We always love each other, but on days we just like each other, we know we are winning!” 

Justin is very supportive, according to Coley. His strengths are her weaknesses, and they balance out each other. “He encouraged me to start the business, saying, ‘just go for it.’” 

“It” became Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market, which Coley started with her partners, Lindsey and Kevin Holt, in 2011. Since then, the business has flourished and now has multiple markets throughout California and Arizona. They also just launched an online marketplace.

“It was almost an accident how the business began as we started in a friend’s backyard, hosting about 20 vendors displaying their wares,” Coley said. “The neighborhood became flooded with over 600 eager customers, and the police came to break up the ruckus.”

Today, she and Lindsey scour the country a few times each year to go “treasure hunting” for everything from vintage furniture, clothing, jewelry, art and accessories, and outdoor and garden items. 

“I guess I caught the bug for vintage treasures when I was a very young girl attending garage sales with my parents. I love seeing someone’s junk transform into something that brings a smile to people’s faces.” 

Coley’s latest venture is The Vintage Arcadia, a collaborative space for shopping, dining, special events and business meetings. She and Lindsey are also opening a pop-up store this month at Scottsdale Quarter. 

When asked what makes her tick, Coley said, “creativity!” She is quick to add that her real motivation in life is her family. “Having a family business is nice because it allows the boys to help out, showing them what they are capable of doing.” 

The Arnold family has resided in Arcadia for nearly 10 years. “We couldn’t wait to get into Arcadia as we just love how friendly everyone is,” Coley said, “and it feels like a small town in a big city.”

When Coley isn’t scrambling to fulfill her responsibilities, her favorite way to relax is in a darkened movie theater. “I get a big tub of popcorn loaded with butter, and I’m a happy camper.”

What’s her advice for others considering the plunge into self-employment? 

“If there’s something you really want to do, don’t wait for the right time because it doesn’t exist!”