These ten faces are the driving force behind our award-winning content. These talented writers gather information, facts and photos and create stories for our readers each month. In honor of our 30th anniversary, meet the people behind your community paper.

Ray Artigue

Meet. Mr. 

“Meet Mr./Ms.” provides a personal profile of men and women who live in Arcadia, allowing for people to meet their neighbors. I started it as a tribute to my late father, who did a similar column in the Phoenix Gazette back in the 40s and 50s under the same name. 

I’ve been writing for Arcadia News for almost four years. I approached Greg with the idea, sharing the history and heritage of the original “Meet Mr.” and he loved the idea of resurrecting it. I have owned and operated several marketing and public relations agencies over the past 35 years and currently consult with a wide array of corporate brands and nonprofit organizations. 

When I’m not working, I love to write and am currently working on two books, a fictional novel and a compilation of non-fiction short stories. I dabble in poetry and also serve on numerous nonprofit boards. 

My favorite part of Arcadia is all of it, really! My wife and I have lived here for 42 years and she grew up in the neighborhood. We enjoy the people and the true sense of “community.” 

Miriam Hahn

Plant Based Wellness

My column is all about healthy lifestyle habits that help prevent disease and help readers look and feel their best. I share plant-based recipes and health tips. I have been writing for Arcadia News for the past couple of years and feel so lucky to have a column in the local paper.

When I moved back to Arcadia, I wanted to immerse myself in the community and share health tips, so I approached Mallory with an article idea. It went over well, so here I am! 

I own a wellness practice specializing in helping people prevent illness with plant-based eating. I offer classes that teach people how to cook healthy meals that are easy to incorporate into daily living. Outside of writing and cooking, I love to run, bike ride and play pickle ball.

My favorite part of Arcadia is the strong community of people. I have had hundreds of Arcadia residents cooking with me in my kitchen and my business has flourished from referrals, which I am so grateful for.

Angela Copeland

Career Corner 

The purpose of my column is to empower professionals to find the best job for them or to advance their careers. Whether it’s advice on salary or how to survive a difficult work situation, I want it to be helpful to readers. 

I started writing the column in 2013. Time flies when you’re having fun! I found Arcadia News online and reached out. It seemed like the column would be a good fit for the readers. Over the course of my career, I have worked in a number of different industries, including career, financial, home, travel and technology services. My roles have included engineer to project manager to coach and marketing executive. I also founded an executive coaching company called Copeland Coaching. 

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with friends, traveling and trying new foods. I’m also the host of the Copeland Coaching Podcast and I wrote a book called “Breaking The Rules & Getting The Job.”

Robin Sewell

Robin’s Adventures

I am in the media industry. My company produces television shows, commercials, corporate videos and digital content. We also produce Arizona Highways Television, that has been on the air for 18 years. 

My column talks about Arizona treasures, things to do and explore, unique experiences and interesting Arizonans. We are a diverse state both visually and culturally and the people who live here deserve to be acknowledged. 

I started writing for Arcadia News in 2019. I live here and have always read Arcadia News because I like to know what’s happening in my neighborhood. I was on the Heart Ball publicity committee and I pitched a story to the editor and said I would like to write it for them. 

I like to hike, travel, explore, volunteer and go to cultural events. I love living in Arcadia. My favorite part is walking and biking in my neighborhood. I love the architecture, the tree-lined streets, seeing people out with their families and dogs…and my best mornings are biking to breakfast at The Henry. 

Sam Lowe

On the Lowe Road

My musings focus on some of the interesting things I did during my lifetime (including poking through life while poking fun at life), travel, history and other fun stuff. I started writing for Arcadia News in September 2019. 

After retiring from the Arizona Republic and freelance writing, I opined that I still had stories to tell and approached Mallory in the hope that she would agree. She did and the rest is, you know, history – but hardly historical! Newspapering and writing have been my sole careers, and my other hobby is woodworking. I make nutcrackers and candle holders. My favorite things about Arcadia is the quiet, clean, well-kept neighborhoods and, of course, the Arcadia News. 

Sabrina Proffitt

I decided to start my own online magazine but as a 21-year-old who just graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism degree, I needed some funds. To power my dreams, I do freelance work for newspapers and magazines around Arizona. 

I’ve been writing for Arcadia News since August 2021. I’ve written for various publications, including NAU’s Lumberjack newspaper, was hired to edit a novel and have done my own work as well. I hope to keep growing as a writer and journalist and for my magazine to take off.

When I’m not writing, I love going to new businesses, to concerts and learning about the community. I also enjoy the outdoors. So far, I’ve loved the stories I’ve gotten to write about kids. The Tavan fundraiser story and Sunshine Accessory stories were so fun. Children are the future of our community and it is so great to see that they are already little visionaries.

I love being a writer because I get to tell the community a story, whether it’s about someone who is making a huge impact, a cool new shop that has opened or about someone chasing their dreams. Some of my favorite stories I’ve ever written have been about people doing amazing things but aren’t in the spotlight. I want to take those who think they are voiceless and give them a voice and tell their story as best as I can.

Melissa Hirschl

I was having coffee at Black Cat Coffee Shop and saw a copy of the paper. I read through it and liked what I saw, so sent an email to the editor. That was two years ago.

In my down time I like to do crafts, drawing/painting or hiking, reading and traveling. My favorite story thus far was writing about Lula’s Bakery. I loved learning about her supporting local artists, delicious treats and positive attitude. I love being a writer because it is a creative outlet; I perceive it as making art, but with words. I also love to bring people’s stories to life.

Cliff Summerhill

I was born and raised in Arizona. My favorite great-aunt lived in Arcadia, so I’ve been reading this paper for decades. When I decided to delve into the world of journalism over 10 years ago, I wanted to root myself in local news and am happy I found that with Arcadia News, who, to me, is the standard of long-lasting local news. I’ve been writing for the paper a little over two years.

My professional life is busy: I’m a full-time public information officer, own a boutique marketing agency with an amazing business partner, and do marketing with nonprofits focusing on child welfare. 

I’m a comic book geek and hope to write some comics one day. I’ve pursued further education in screenwriting and have developed a passion for that medium. Other than that, I’m always writing. I spend a lot of time with my fiancé traveling and exploring.  My favorite stories are always those focused on not-so-well-known programs, like the International Dark Sky Association. Who knew the night sky needed an advocate?

Whether they are real or fiction, writing is the best medium for telling stories. There isn’t one TV show or movie that doesn’t have a strong writer behind it. The same can be said for the Arcadia community: who else can tell the stories we can?

Rachael Bouley

The past seven years that I have been writing for Arcadia News have gone by so fast, and I’m so lucky and thankful to be involved in such a wonderful community newspaper.

I was in my first year at ASU’s Cronkite School of Journalism when I got an internship with Arcadia News. I had a lot to learn, but everyone was so supportive, and I’ve been here ever since.

I work in sports media and spend all my extra time freelancing. My fiancé says he falls asleep to the sound of me tip-tapping on my keyboard late at night. It’s my happy place! I love traveling, exploring new places, and eating any chocolate I can get my hands on. I also love taking endless photos of my dog and treating him like a human.

My Arcadia News stories are the most fun to write. My favorite so far is Design for Dogs –who wouldn’t want a designer doghouse? It’s so cool to see such creativity for a good cause.

I love learning about new things and shining a light on positive stories in the community. When I was a little kid, I had my own newspaper, and now it’s so fun and rewarding to get to work for one as awesome as Arcadia News all these years later.

Jennifer Marshall

I was new to Phoenix in 2018 and looking for freelance writing opportunities. I reached out to the editor and the rest is history, as they say! I’m a social media copywriter, a freelance writer and a model. 

Reading is a huge passion of mine. I also love traveling – especially cruising – and exploring new places. I like to cook, bake and entertain. Game nights are always fun! I also recently published a book called Christmas Cookies on a Cruise Ship.

My favorite story that I’ve written was about Stephen and Patricia Beals, who work at the Inzalaco Barrow Cleft and Craniofacial Center at Barrow Neurological Institute. 

The best part of being an author is getting to work from home. On the other hand, I find it hard to tear myself away from my writing. Maintaining a daily healthy and happy life, family and work balance is very important to me.