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True enough; the holidays put us in the mood for giving and for most that means wrapping gifts aplenty.

If you look up the word “haberdasher” in the dictionary, not only would you surely find that the word means “a dealer in men’s clothing and accessories” you also might actually find a picture of Mike Carter. After all, he has been in the clothing business for nearly 50 years. 

What’s better than owning one of the most successful restaurants in Arcadia? Owning and operating 13 of them all around the state! And that makes Jim Riley one of the busiest guys around. 

Even in this day and age, some people might be surprised to find a woman working smack dab in the middle of the construction industry. But they clearly don’t know Angie Schmidt, CEO of one of the fastest growing construction companies in the Southwest. She is as smart as she is hard-working,…

Every now and then, a person is fortunate enough to realize one of their lifelong aspirations.  Such is the case for me as I relaunch a journalistic tradition that my father — Ray Sr. — started back in 1949.