Keith Woods

Keith Woods

It’s easy to understand why where Keith Woods grew up, and the early life lessons taught by his grandfather, have shaped who he is today – and even, for that matter, where he lives.

“My brother and I were raised on a 40-acre orange grove in what seemed like the sticks,” Woods remembered. 

It was a small rural town in southern California – and the lessons from grandpa were all about service to others. That mentorship had critical imprinting for much of what Keith does today.

“My grandfather was a lawyer, and he had a great influence on me; particularly about representing the interests of others, no matter how hard the decisions may be to do so,” Woods said. 

Little wonder that Woods has lived a life full of ‘servant leadership.’

“I try and look for opportunities to help others without expecting a reward,” he said.

Woods first came to Arizona to attend The Orme School in Prescott and then attended Arizona State University. After earning a Bachelor of Science degree in sociology, he spent 20 years working in radio management and marketing. 

Today he owns and operates KB Woods Public Relations, a video production, media relations and social media firm he founded in 2010. When he isn’t serving clients, he teaches at St. Theresa’s School, coaches Arcadia Little League, and once served as a scoutmaster. 

Woods’ interest in land and water preservation is unmistakable and has led to his years of service on the Salt River Project Board of Directors, where he has chaired nearly every one of their committees. He also has served on the Papago Park Center Board and numerous other energy and water resource associations.  

“One of the reasons I fell in love with Arcadia is how it mirrors my childhood home, with all the citrus trees and greenbelts,” Woods said. “Even the canals bring unique benefits as they allow neighborhood fellowship and recreation.”

Woods takes pride in having helped create the multiple-use agreements that allow for public access and recreation on the canal ways, using his SRP leadership role and experience to work with local municipalities.

“It was silly that people weren’t lawfully allowed to even walk on the canals, but that’s no longer an issue,” he said. “It just took bringing people together to talk through the issues and do what was best for the citizens.”  

Others have recognized his leadership and unrelenting commitment.

“Keith possesses a rare combination of passion, vision and emotional intelligence, which allows him to reach consensus among differing perspectives,” Richard Preng, an employment consultant and friend, said.

Keith met his wife, Molly, while at ASU during an awkward moment. He was helping one of her roommates move into the dorm, and Molly thought he was her father. “I guess I was the first 23-year-old bald guy she had ever seen?” 

They have three adult sons: Kenton, Max and Chad, and Keith calls them his “most meaningful achievement of all.” 

Woods pursues his passion for art, films, furniture, and architecture when he isn’t working or volunteering in the community.

Asked for the best advice he’d ever received and he quotes the late Burton Barr: “Everyone needs to come away from the table a winner.” 

Wisdom that Keith Woods has clearly heeded.