This February marks the 30th anniversary of Dan and Roseanne Collins’ marriage, and it all began at someone else’s nuptials. Roseanne came into town for a friend’s wedding and the bride-to-be set her up with her soon-to-be husband’s friend – Dan – and the rest is history. 

You know what they say about weddings: Cupid’s arrows sink deeply. And who said blind dates were a waste of time?

“I knew she was the one for me the minute we met and she did as well,” Dan said, remembering how a friend’s wedding brought him and Roseanne together. 

Their second date wasn’t quite as romantic as it began after one of Roseanne’s anatomy classes and her examination of a cadaver. That was a part of her early training in what has become a long-running family medical practice.

“My interest in medicine began as a teenage life guard when I assisted adults with multiple sclerosis during their swim therapy,” Roseanne said, “plus I always loved biology.”

Roseanne and her partners practice at Mountain View Family Physicians. Asked about her favorite part of practicing medicine, she exclaimed, “The families, as I get to care for newborns all the way to great grandparents.”

The Collins’ family is comprised of five children; two sons, Sean and Michael; and three daughters, Clare, Katherine and Anne Marie. Several of them plan to follow in mom’s footsteps and become doctors or nurses.

Dan has his own impressive career in U.S. Bankruptcy Court, where he was appointed a federal judge in 2013. He was granted the St. Thomas More Award in 2017 which recognizes his Catholic faith through service in the law. 

“I never thought that I wanted to become an attorney,” he admitted, indicating that his father suggested the career path. “Fortunately, I listened for once.”

Both Roseanne and Dan put themselves through college and graduate school and they consider their student loans as a “reverse dowry” to one another. They believe their shared philosophy about finances has served them well and been a good lesson for their kids.

“If you want something, you ought to be able to pay for it without going into debt,” Dan said, not surprisingly from someone that regularly rules over bankruptcy filings. 

Another shared philosophy among the couple is how they parent their children. “We’ve always tried to be on the same page as it was us against them,” quips Dan.

Roseanne said that motherhood is one of her proudest achievements in life. “I always wanted a big family and I have been blessed with one.” Dan agreed and added that coaching Hopi Little League teams was a real highlight for him. “How better to meet and befriend so many great Arcadia families?” 

Regarding what keeps their marriage ‘happily-ever-after,’ they said this of each other: “Dan is the most loyal person you will ever meet and a true gentleman,” Roseanne said. 

“Roseanne is an unbelievably caring mother and has mentored our children and so many others in the community,” Dan said. “Besides, she also has a great sense of humor.”

All joking aside, Roseanne expresses her Valentine’s sentiment this way: “I love my life, which is a special intersection of family, career and community.”