Even in this day and age, some people might be surprised to find a woman working smack dab in the middle of the construction industry. But they clearly don’t know Angie Schmidt, CEO of one of the fastest growing construction companies in the Southwest. She is as smart as she is hard-working, and has the respect of every one of the 260 people that she employs. With clients across the country and growing branch offices in Oregon and Texas, it’s a demanding job that keeps this long-time Arcadia resident extremely busy. 

SDB Contracting Services was founded by Angie’s father, Dominic, in 1980 and after she worked there for several years, he tapped her to lead the company. Anyone knowledgeable of the situation and responsible for that decision would have selected the very same person. 

“My dad said, ‘you don’t need to know construction, you need to know how to manage people and the finances,’” Angie recalls. She learned and honed those skills by managing a floral business as a young woman. 

“My core customers are my employees and I treat them accordingly. As long as they’re happy, all is good and we will continue to succeed as a company,” she said. She does admit initially worrying about people leaving when she was elevated to the top spot, but that concern was unfounded. Most employees have worked there for 15, 20 or 25 years and only depart when retiring.

Schmidt says her favorite aspect of running the company is seeing employees from all of the divisions come together and succeed as a team. “I’m just a big cheerleader,” she says with purposeful modesty. 

Angie and her husband, Craig, have two grown boys, Cody and Austin, and they have lived on Lafayette Boulevard for 22 of their 29 years of marriage. They met while working at side-by-side retail businesses when emptying trashcans in the alley. “It’s our dirty little story,” she says with a big grin.

Away of work, Angie has served on or led numerous community and civic organizations. From Arcadia Little League “team mom” to Boys Team Charity treasurer to various Arcadia and Brophy H.S. volunteer roles, she has been extremely involved. “Part of the way you support your kids is to support their causes,” she advises.

When asked what she does when she isn’t working or volunteering, she pauses and seems a bit stumped. “I’m not sure as I don’t watch TV and only occasionally read. I celebrate life by spending time with family and being with friends, cooking and yes, enjoying wine.” 

Her guiding motto, as instilled by her father and mentor, “Success in life depends on your willingness to never ever give up.”

She seems to be following that philosophical blueprint.