Steve Matteucci

Steve Matteucci

Steve Matteucci’s success in his personal and professional life is the product of both his upbringing and his educational and career opportunities.

Matteucci was born in Chicago but grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was one of four kids in an Italian family, and whose grandparents were immigrants from the old country. Matteucci recalls that his father’s unwavering allegiance to America and its principles instilled a real sense of patriotism in him.

“My father was quite accomplished and had ascended the 3M corporate ladder. However, he had other priorities and they started with family and purpose,” said Matteucci. “He also regarded those who worked for him as family, so they too came first.”

That meant that his dad played with the warehouse guys on the company softball team, and Matteucci, even as a youngster, took note.

“My dad was selfless and by his example, he taught us to serve others. Over the years, he was offered promotions and transfers but that would have meant he had to uproot his family, which he chose not to do,” Matteucci said.

These “walk-the-talk” lessons stuck with Matteucci, who has also lived a life of service to others. He is involved in countless civic organizations throughout the Valley and is often tapped for leadership roles. “Being involved in the community provides a lot of gratification and allows me the opportunity to make an impact,” Matteucci said.

Matteucci graduated from Denison University and then moved to Chicago where he earned a law degree from Northwestern University. It was in Chicago that he met Genny, his wife of 37 years. In 1987, the young couple moved to the Valley to advance their careers and raised their three children – Jimmy, Elaine and Phillip – in Arcadia.

“Phoenix is an amazing place, perhaps the biggest meritocracy in America,” Matteucci observed. “It’s a wide open and friendly community and certainly Genny and I have benefited from this.”

Matteucci has served as a corporate general counsel, co-owned an insurance brokerage business and has had leadership roles at several companies.

Matteucci is well-known and well-liked by many people for his business acumen, philanthropic spirit and an impressive track record for producing results.

“Never a doubt about Steve when it comes to doing the right thing,” Drew Brown, founding partner of DMB and Matteucci’s former boss, said. “Whether in business or philanthropy, there is no one more honest, dependable and rich with integrity.”

Other than his family, Steve says his biggest childhood influences were his Boy Scout troop leader and his classical piano teacher, both of whom he readily calls out by name. “Hank and Mrs. Baker were really tough but they taught me discipline, preparation and how to conduct myself under pressure.”

Matteucci and his wife are a dynamic duo and still in perpetual motion: working, volunteering and fulfilling their role as proud grandparents.

“Watching your own children grow into loving, caring adults is such a joy and it’s especially fun to have our first grandchild in the mix. It’s the circle of life,” Matteucci said.