Breakfast in bed

By Nola Enge

This Mother’s Day, moms certainly deserve extra pampering. Since families aren’t leaving their homes, there are plenty of things children can make for their moms.

Make a tray (to serve breakfast in bed, of course). All you need is a short plank of wood or a breadboard, a couple of cupboard handles drilled to the top of the plank and some paint. Have the children decorate the painted tray with handprints, draw their family or things they like to do with their mom.

Order from mom’s favorite restaurant. Dine on your patio with a child-picked bouquet. You can place flowers in a mason jar decorated with spring-colored polka dots, child drawings or glued-on tissue paper squares.

Take a video of each child asking what they most appreciate about their mom; their favorite things to do with her and the things about her that make them laugh. Ask older children about the quarantine time spent with family for this video time capsule.

Homemade baked goods. What treat does mom love but seldom bakes for herself? Ask grandma for a favorite recipe from mom’s childhood and surprise her with it. (Or reverse this and find out grandma’s favorite treat and deliver it to grandma.)

Exercise fun for the whole family. Create a living room family yoga class, hop on the bikes or hike a low-populated path in Arizona’s beautiful outdoors.

Rainbows for mom’s windows. Children all over the world are drawing rainbows to brighten neighbors’ days during isolation, even tracking some via GPS. Use paper, yarn, chalk or crayon shavings ironed between sheets of wax paper for a stained-glass look. Take mom on a walk and play “I Spy” with rainbows found in windows.

Spa day at home. Think mani/pedi, massage or face mask. If you have Epsom salt, add a little scent and color, and place in a pretty mason jar for DIY bath salts. Make a homemade hair treatment with household ingredients like coconut oil, apple cider vinegar or olive oil.

DIY T-shirts. Take a plain T-shirt, put a little fabric paint on your children’s hands or feet and apply to the fabric. Add a little artwork with paintbrushes. Young children might love matching T-shirts with their mom. No plain T-shirts? Dishtowels, small pillows, or pillowcases also work.

Assemble a coupon book. The children can create chore coupons for mom to cash in during these stay-at-home days. If not chores, the children could create purely fun things to do with mom.

Yard surprises. You can do some yard work, plant her favorite flowers or plant seeds that grow in Phoenix during the spring: watermelon, cilantro, okra, melon, or cucumber – so mom can enjoy fresh produce for a long time to come.

Happy Mother’s Day!


— Nola Enge, Ph.D., is director at The Hills School at Shepherd of the Hills, 5524 E. Lafayette Blvd. For more: