Jeffry, Ross and Scott Schubert with Luke Rumbyrt after the successful set up of the weightlifting machine that they were able to donate to Ability360.

While looking for a way to support the community and honor their grandfather at the same time, the Schubert brothers – Ross, Scott and Jeffry – came up with the perfect plan. 

Grandpa Beardsley uses a power wheelchair due to a spinal cord injury he sustained as a young man.

He was the inspiration behind the $17,000 that the boys raised for Ability360 Sports & Fitness Center, a recreation facility for those with disabilities. 

“We offer outdoor activities, a rock wall, adaptable sports, fitness classes and personal training,” Fitness Specialist Luke Rumbyrt said.

Ability360 comprises two related organizations working together to improve the quality of life for the disabled. The gym turned ten years old this October. The other division, which helps disabled people with advocacy, home care and employment, will celebrate its 40th year.

The money was used to purchase an adaptive power rack used for weight lifting.

“We’re constantly trying to improve the center, making it adaptable and accessible for everyone,” Rumbyrt said. “One complaint we’ve had was we didn’t have a next-level piece of equipment. Thanks to the boys, we now have an amazing six-post power rack.” This equipment will help members of Ability360 with weightlifting. 

“We’re so excited,” mom Gretchen Schubert said. “Ability360 is an excellent facility. I went on a tour with my dad. It’s a community where the disabled can go and feel like they can do whatever they want to do.”

The family wanted to do more to support Ability360 while also getting the boys more involved.

“We started out raising $5,000,” Gretchen said, “and then, we realized we could take it all the way. We wanted to get Ability360 the biggest and best rack. The boys were super excited, and we ended up tripling the original number.”

The boys handed out flyers to friends and family, explaining what they were doing. It only took them about six months to raise the necessary funds. 

“We also made virtual calls and regular calls and sent emails. This was important because of my grandpa. People who are disabled should be able to do what others can do, and Ability360 provides that,” Jeffry said. 

“It was pretty cool to get the money for the rack and build it,” Scott said. “People now have a safe environment to work out. Ability360 has made them happier and motivated them to do sports, get outside and do activities people who aren’t disabled can do.”

“We made gramps pretty happy,” Ross said. “He’s very proud of us.”

The boys received anonymous contributions along with those from friends and family. 

“We were blown away by everyone’s generosity,” Gretchen said.

“We love Ability360,” Ryan Schubert, the boys’ dad, said. “People’s generosity shows how a little effort goes a long way. Ability360 is a one-of-a-kind place and a point of pride in Phoenix.”