Local residents Elijah Judiscak and Alan Adams are the latest Eagle Scouts to emerge from Arcadia’s Boy Scout Troop 6.

Judiscak earned his Eagle this year at age 17, just a few months before his graduation from Coronado High School. Judiscak has been in Scouts since he joined while in eighth grade at ANLC (now Echo Canyon). For the future, he is looking forward to starting college this fall at Mesa Community College.

Adams will begin his junior year at Arcadia High this fall, and joined Cub Scouts while he was in fifth grade at Hopi Elementary. Adams said he enjoys studying biology and looks forward to a future in the military.

After earning their Eagle, Scouts are encouraged to stay with the program until they “age out” at 18. Additional awards called “Eagle Palms” can be earned by completing more of the 135 different merit badges offered by Scouts. 

Judiscak turned 18 this spring, so what will he miss most? 

“The unity and feeling of discipline that comes with putting on the uniform and reciting the pledge, oath, law and outdoor code in unison,” he said. “and being one little part in something much bigger.”

Adams is still eligible for scouting events and adventures. When asked about his favorite part of Boy Scouts, he boiled it down to one word: “camping.” 

Judiscak and Adams are the 212th and 213th Eagles to come out of Arcadia’s Troop 6 since it was founded in 1934. According to the Boy Scouts of America, there were 52,160 Eagle Scouts nationwide who were honored with the rank in 2018. Less than 6% of Scouts achieve the rank of Eagle Scout and more than 2.5 million Eagles have been awarded since 1912.

Troop 6 meets at Prince of Peace Church regularly through the school year. For more information, contact Troop 6 Scoutmaster Steve Radonich at steveradonich@yahoo.com.